Fabian Carlos | Portrait Shoot with Khailey

Well here we are. Monday morning after a weekend that is never long enough. We hope everyone had a great long weekend enjoy their family and friends, of course shooting instant film. Today we have a great portrait session from an up and coming photographer. Fabian Carlos, a friend of mine that we have hooked onto shooting instant film. His work, continually impresses me. His unique look on the world will lead to much more amazing work. He shot a wonderful gal that I have shot and blogged about in the past. She is a great model so easy to work with, and such a unique look. Enough of me, here is Fabian and his session

Hello everyone! My name is Fabian Carlos from San Francisco, California. I’m happy to be sharing some of the work I shot with my friend, Khailey, this past weekend with you guys. The shoot took place in the Berkeley City College campus in Berkeley, California. This is actually the second time I work with Khailey. The first time was when I accompanied Snap It See It’s very own Francisco Chavira on his own photo shoot. So I was very excited to to work with such a great model again!

 A couple things I learned, its best to shoot at the golden hour. I found that when it was really bright out, some of the images were yellow even almost white, because of overexposure. But once you find the perfect light the colors of this film really shine. The key is finding the perfect light. 
I shot with several cameras but made sure to bring my SX-70 along for some Impossible images! I shot a few packs of the new PX70 Color Protection film by the Impossible Project. I still made sure to shield my images, and I highly recommend it.It was a bright day, so I darkened the wheel a couple of notches the entire time we were shooting. I caution, even when I darkened the wheel all the way. I had to be careful when shooting in direct light. Here are a few images that I hope you enjoy! 


And hello there! This is yours truly, Justin Molina. I went along with Fabian and got some shots in myself. As Fabian said, it was great to work with Khailey again.

With this shoot, I experimented using PX-70 Cool in my Polaroid SLR 690. I had read that lightening the wheel all the way in 600 cameras works best when using this film in a non-SX-70 camera, however I found that I got the best results without touching the lighten/darken wheel at all. While the exposure seemed to turn out great, my first few shots showed that I had some roller problems and I was utterly horrified when I saw the white blotches on the the images. Cleaning the rollers seemed to do the trick, although it did take some time since I had nothing to clean them with. Also, I noticed the next day, after my photos had time to develop, that there were some weird dark blotches. Not sure if anyone has seen this before, but it kind of looks like a patched that was exposed differently. Or perhaps it was bad chemicals. I still don’t know how to diagnose the problem.

I also shot a pack of FP-3000B in my Polaroid 101. I noticed similar “bad-roller marks” on these images too, although the rollers on this camera were very clean. Not too sure what was going on that day, but it definitely was not in my favor. Despite the several hang ups, there are a few images that I really like. I guess the motto of my story is to be prepared! I’ve never experienced these roller marks before, but now that I know I will definitely check them twice before heading out to shoot. Always always check the rollers! Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you have seen here! 




  1. Both of these sets are awesome guys!

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