Feature Post: Hearst Castle

Big thanks to all who tagged us last week on Instagram and/or Twitter for Polaroid Week! It was great to see such a flurry of activity on flickr with some really great photographs. We are excited for the next ‘Roid Week – which starts October 12th. We’ll be sure to provide you with the details as we get closer to that event.  And of course, the biggest of thanks to those who help keep ‘Roid Week going!

Hearst Castle007

Now, we would like to show off another travel series of photos by photographer Bianca Tummings.  If you recall, we featured a travel set of hers last week. Bianca resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and when traveling, likes to keep her Polaroid Land Camera 440 by her side and Fujifilm on hand. This set of photos were taken on a weekend roadtrip down to Hearst Castle.

If you have a set of photos you’d like to share, please send us an email, submit@snapitseeit.com. Hope you enjoy these photos and be sure to show Bianca some love by clicking on the links below! Have a great rest of the week – and we’ll see you on Friday!

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