Feature Post: HeroesCon 2015 by Scott Southall

Ming Doyle 6.19.15
Welcome to another Wednesday Feature Post! As we enter the second half of the week, we bring to you a great set of photos from photographer, Scott Southall. Not too long ago, we featured a set of photos he put together after attending NashiCon 2015. Today, Scott shares with us portraits from HeroesCon 2015 in Charlotte, NC. We think Scott’s love of comics and instant film makes for a fun combination.  As an Impossible Pioneer, Scott also has had the opportunity to test Impossible’s latest generation of color film before it was released to the public. Below, Scott not also gives us a little background on his work, but also shares his first impressions of the Gen 2.0 Color film. You can connect and see more of Scott’s work by clicking on the links below.


I’m a comic book nerd, born and raised, so that seems like a great place to start this. I grew up reading comics whenever I could get my hands on them, and sat in front of a tv screen rotting my brain whenever I could get the chance, taking in the animated bounty of the 90’s like TMNT, X-Men The Animated Series, Cowboy Bebop, and oh so much more.


Fast forward to 2014 and I’d discovered HeroesCon, one of North Carolina’s best comic book conventions that’s held annually in Charlotte. There are tons of fans that flock to the Charlotte Convention center for the Con, many dressed as their favorite characters, but as much as I enjoy seeing the cosplayers that show up I love meeting the visual artists and writers that create all of the things that I love to read or watch, so this year I mostly focused on photographing some faces I met last year as well as a few new ones. (I’ll leave links to each of the artists work at the end of this post. I’ll also be post in some of these photos along with short stories about the con on my Flickr over the next week: https://www.flickr.com/)


To photograph all of these wonderful creators, I took some of the Impossible Project’s new Generation 2.0 600 test film. Even using flash bars to take all of these photos, the colors and tones that come from this film are so much better than they used to be, and the improvements they’ve made since the last batch of test film are definitely evident. Some of my photos from the last batch had a lot of left over green in the image, but these don’t have that problem and the colors that were captured look great. I plan on using some more of this film outside with nature light over the course of the next week and I can’t wait to see what type of results I get. I’m happy with all of these photos though, and I can’t wait to do this all again next Summer.


Victoria Gedvillas: http://torianne00.tumblr.com/
Matt Fraction: http://mattfraction.com/

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