Feature Post: InstantWalkers by Anne Bowerman

day 50

Today we bring you a series of photos we’ve been following and have really enjoyed. Anne Bowerman, whom you may know as @polaroidgirl on Twitter and Instagram, started this project this past spring. We’ll let her tell you a little more about the project below, but first, if you aren’t following Anne and her work, check out these links to connect with Anne and follow her InstantWalkers series!

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Flickr

I read about the “100 Day Project” this past spring and since I was in a real creative rut, I thought participating would be the creative kick-in-the-pants I needed. 
I wanted to use up my rapidly aging stash of instant film and as I tend to shy away from “people” photos I decided to step outside my comfort zone and photograph pedestrians in NYC. Thus, the “100 Instant Walkers” project was created! 
One thing I didn’t take into consideration was the fact that Polaroid cameras are hardly unobtrusive so people sometimes walked around me instead of in front of the camera! Interestingly enough, the larger the camera the more invisible it became. I used a 4×5 camera one day and no one blinked, but when I used my Spectra everyone seemed to notice it.
There have been days where I’ve completely hated the photo I’ve taken or the film didn’t develop properly, but I kept going. Looking over the photos I can see where I relaxed into the project and, as a result, the photos got better. 
I was nervous about sharing the project so publicly, but the response has been really positive and I truly appreciate every comment left on my photos. I’m almost three-quarters of the way through and I’m going to be sad when it ends.
I’m planning on creating a zine with all the photos and am going to continue taking “walker” photos, just not on a daily basis!

We look forward to seeing this project through to the 100th day! Thanks, Anne for sharing this great project with us!


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