Feature Post: Instax Island Part II

A few weeks back we showcased a series of photos, Instax Island by Cheyenne Morrison. Cheyenne documented his stay at Restoration Island, a private island off the coast of Queensland, Australia. He used his Fuji Instax 500 AF and iPad mini to capture the island and his adventures. Today we bring you some photos from the second half of his stay on the island and an update!

Despite having had an issue with his camera during a boat trip (hope you got that repaired, Cheyenne!), having his dog Quassi get bitten by a croc, the airline company that was supposed to take him home going bankrupt, Cheyenne was happy to relax and enjoy his stay at Restoration Island with his daughter. Eventually Cheyenne and his daughter did make it home safely along with this great set of photos, a fun experience and even a dugong tooth they found as a souvenir. Thank you, Cheyenne, for graciously sharing your Instax Island adventures with us!



Day 31: Our biggest adventure on the island to date, we climbed the summit of Restoration Island 166 metres     (545 feet) above sea level…Quassi the dog was freed from the cone of shame as his wound is healing well, and we wanted him along for the adventure.


Cheyenne recently sat down with the folks at Pryme Magazine and did a great Q&A about his stay at Instax Island and more about his photography. Cheyenne will also exhibit a couple of his Instax Island photos next month at the Photonet Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Details below for those of you that can show Cheyenne your support!

To view more of Cheyenne’s work and connect with him through social media, click on the links below.

Flickr | Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook | Pryme Magazine Q&A

Exhibition: Polaroid Resurrection by FilmNeverDie
Space: Photonet Gallery
15a Railway Place
Fairfield, Melbourne
Victoria 3078
Date: 4th – 22nd of April
Time: Mon to Sat 10am – 6pm, Sunday 12pm – 6pm

Click on the gallery to see the images, or read on…

Cheyenne so meticulously documented and captioned his photos that we really wanted to share them, too, along with the photos. So an excerpt of his captions are provided with a few photos selected. However, we encourage you to visit the links provided to read all of the great captions provided with the photos!

Day 16: This is our beach shack on Restoration Island. It was built to house weathermen during WWII, when the American forces built an airfield at Iron Ranges near the present town of Lockhart River. Daily flights by US Bombers left to attack the Japanese in Papua New Guinea and during the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942. 


Day 19: Yesterday was a bad day with our dog Quassi being bitten by a crocodile, long trip to take him to get stitched up and back; after all that we were exhausted. But it finished with the best sunset since we came to the island, and a massive thunderstorm on the mainland with lighting illuminating the clouds.


Day 21: Casa de Shipwreck on the main beach at Restoration Island. This yacht was wrecked on a reef, purchased as salvage for $1, and floated up on the beach above the high tide mark. Eventually it will be renovated and put on www.airbnb.com


Day 22: This is the collection of Flotsam and Jetsam on the island. An amazing array of tropical shells, corals, and my favourite vintage Japanese green glass fishing net floats. These sell for anywhere from $300-500 nowadays. I had a collection of 20 at one stage, but sold them to fund a sailing voyage to Indonesia on 120 foot Javanese yacht.


Day 30: Our dogs Quassi (with the cone of shame) and Polly who is part Dingo. Every morning and night we go for a walk along the length of the beach, looking for shells and giving the dogs a walk. We end up at the end of the new sandbar and sit down to soak in the beauty of the island before going back to our beach hut. This is my favourite place on the island.


Day 32: Angelique, Quassi, Polly and I enjoying the sunset on the island’s sandspit.




  1. Thanks so much for posting the second portion of my adventures.

    Sitting here at home in the city it seems almost like a dream to me now; but the photos don’t lie.

    My goal was to create an old-fashioned photo album for my daughter to remember our adventure, and I achieved that. I hope my photo inspire others to get out there and create their own adventures.

  2. Thank you for the shout out!


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