Feature Post: Isle of Wight by Karma McCartney


As we push through the week, sometimes there is nothing better than a set of travel photos to spark a little wanderlust inside of us and motivate us to shoot a new person, place or thing. Or maybe look at a very familiar person, place or thing in different light or angle. Either way, we hope you enjoy this set of travel photos brought to you by Karma McCartney. Karma was born and raised in Southern California and has been shooting analogue film since a very young age. When Karma is not immersed in photography, she’s immersed in making and creating music.

Despite the cold, Karma’s captures are unique and special with the light leaks and divots on a few prints. Karma not only used an SX-70, but also the Impossible Instant Lab. This should remind us that even if it’s not your preferred method for using instant film, it’s a great way to bring life to those jpegs on your mobile device.

Be sure to click on the links below to see more of Karma’s work, there is a bunch of great instant photography! This set definitely wishes we could be right there on the Isle of Wight exploring with a few packs of our favorite instant film! Thanks for sharing with us, Karma!

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In this series, I tried capturing life on this quaint little island called the Isle of Wight, just off England’s south coast -located in the English Channel and part of the British Isles. I fell in love with the beautiful landscapes, rolling hills, blooming flowers, sheets of ice on the green grass left over from the recent snowfall, calm seas, the majestic “Needles” (pictured), and Carisbrooke Castle (also pictured). Despite the cold wintry air, I was in paradise. 
I believe some of the photos have light leaks because it was very cold out (not sure of exact temperature) and I was using my body to heat and develop the film -the camera may also have had something to do with it. All in all, they are natural. (:
Camera: SX-70 + The Impossible Lab
Film Used: PX 680 Color Shade Gold Edition Film from The Impossible Project. 
Location: Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.

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