Feature Post | “Me, or both of us” by Meghan Lilleyman

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We think  you’ll enjoy this intimate set of photos shared with us by UK based photographer, Meghan Lilleyman. The series, entitled “Me, or both of us,” was taken with a Polaroid SX-70 camera and Impossible Project SX-70 film and recently exhibited at the Montgomery Gallery in Sheffield, UK.


About this set, Meghan says:

Time is defined by light. As light moves across the room, it reveals a fleeting treasure – that touch of intimacy – with you, with nature beyond the window, with life inside these walls. These moments are precious and are saved as a physical memory, to share with our children and our grandchildren.

We also asked Meghan to share a little more about herself and her photography:

I’m Meghan Lilleyman from Chesterfield, UK. I take my cameras with me when I’m camping in the fields, walking in the woods, treasure hunting in charity shops and flea markets, and pretty much anytime I can fit one in my bag. I am drawn to analog photography and often use polaroids, which I have been shooting with for the last three years. I am interested in exploring intimacy, light and photographing the ones closest to me. I feel that polaroids are the perfect medium for this as they allow me to save fleeting moments captured on film as a physical memory that can be treasured. I like to spend the rest of my time watching films with the ones I love, hanging out with my animal friends, and making things.

Please enjoy this set and connect or check out more of Meghan’s work with the links below!

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