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Welcome to Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a good week. On Wednesday’s when possible, we love to feature more of your work – be it a themed photoshoot, a special instant photo project, or a set of travel photos. So, if you have any of those you’d like to share, please hit us up so we can be in touch and share your work!

Nashicon 4.18.15

Today we feature a fun set of photos by Scott Southall. Some of you may be familiar with his great portrait work, recently featuring some of Impossible’s new Color Gen 2.0 film.  You can check out Scott’s work by clicking on the links below.

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Now, here’s a little more from Scott on this series of photos, NashiCon 2015: Cosplayers.

I’ve been stuck in front of a screen since I was little, watching cartoons and anime, playing video games and loving super heroes. So when I found out that there was an anime convention in my town that I’d missed for years I decided to head out to NashiCon, snag a press pass, and cover the wonderful people that bring their favorite characters to life with The Impossible Project’s new Gen2 SX-70 beta film.


Friday was the first day of the Con, that initial time when it’s slow and the crowds are smaller, so it was easier to meet a couple of people and get a feel for how this convention worked. I decided to keep an eye out for characters I recognized first, so I ended up meeting Diana who was dressed as Blake from the web series RWBY, and got a shot I loved right out of the gate. The other two shots from Friday were steeped in childhood nostalgia for me, getting a shot of some friends dressed as the Power Puff Girls, and one of my new model Billie (https://www.facebook.com/billiedoesthecosplay?ref=ts&fref=ts) dressed as Harley Quinn from the Batman’s Rogue Gallery.Saturday was on a completely different level though. The Con was in full swing, panels and artist’s tables were set up, people selling handmade crafts and playing video games with new friends. I’ve never been in a building with that many people in costumes before, but it’s great to see the effort that they put into it, and the willingness they have to let others capture it in a photo. I got shots of characters from American Cartoons, Japanese Anime, Video Games, and even a music video. And now, I think I’ve got a new hobby and a whole other world I want to capture on a regular basis. 

To learn more about NashiCon you can head to their website: http://nashicon.com/

Or check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nashicon?fref=ts

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