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Hi, everyone! We are happy to share yet another great project from the guys at Standard Film.  Last week, we brought to you Standard Film’s Providence Polaroid Project. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to do so! Today we share Playa Polaroid. You’ll find links to see more of Playa Polaroid below, but first here’s a little about the project:

The Playa Polaroid Project was the second installment of our Polaroid Project series.  Just days after we wrapped up in Providence, RI, we hit the road with our Polaroid Big Shot camera and headed out to Black Rock City, NV to capture the beautiful faces of Burning Man.  “Gifting” is a common practice at Burning Man, and we thought, what could be better than the gift of Polaroid portraits?  So we set out with our Big Shot and packs of Fuji FP100 and gifted some pretty amazing Polaroids.  Since we were in the middle of a dusty desert and we couldn’t keep the originals, we chose to take digital images of our participants posing with their Polaroid, in order to document our work.

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Doesn’t this sound absolutely awesome? No doubt these portraits were a great gift to give out at Burning Man so check out some of these great portraits! You can see more on the Playa Polaroid Instagram. Thanks to Standard Film for sharing these great projects – we hope to bring you much more from them soon!


  1. Meredith says:

    These are great. Especially love the black dude and the girl with the umbrella <3 <3

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