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Today we are happy to share with you a website that also shares a passion for instant film, those that shoot it and their projects, Polaroid of the Day. Andrés Aguilar Caro, from Barcelona, Spain is a photojournalist and music editor that founded the website back in July 2013. It’s great to find that worldwide, instant film is very much alive. Although the best kind of inspiration is found when you get out there with your camera (and step back from behind that computer monitor), here’s another site you can bookmark to be inspired by photographers working with instant film.

Stop by the website or any of the social media sites below and show your support for Andrés and his team over at Polaroid of the Day!

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Polaroid of the day emerges from the idea of creator Andrés Aguilar Caro, who has a career as a photojournalist and as a music editor and decided to go back to his roots and tell his version of the world through pictures in Polaroid format. The new phase of POTD is a new step to achieve that everyone consider analogue photography much more than just a hobby, which was the way it has been seen for the last decade. Instead, the technique of taking analogue pictures should regain the role that it was given by technology back in the day and of what it had been deprived of with the arrival of digital photography: instantaneity.  It is art, it is a tool of cultural presentation, a professional platform Andrés wants to further develop, promote and he wants to boost a line of events that can generate a brand and the recognition of the team behind.  
The page has been online since July 2013 and we have managed to obtain trustworthy followers regarding weekly publications on the most important social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since CaraB (Barcelona Cultura) of the Barcelona city council has discovered our project, the flow of visitors has been constant and we have taken the chance to get more famous and more international people on board for the publications, like the promotion through our merchandising (bags and shirts at the moment), which served us for the recognition of the brand on a national and international level.  
Three people are part of the team:  
Andres Aguilar Caro, who with a background as photo journalist and music editor decides to get back to his roots and tell his version of the world through his photos in Polaroid format. His position: Director and Editor.  
Argi Hamrah is the Creative Director and together with Andrés one of the photographers of the team.  
Alina Cvetkova ist he Graphic Designer and the Webmaster behind this project.  

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