Feature Post | Psychedelia: Expired Polaroids from Iceland

Happy Wednesday, folks! We apologize for being quiet for a bit – but we are actively working on consistently bringing you more feature posts and this week – Feature Friday will be back, that we promise you! If we haven’t said it lately, we are so grateful for all of your support and always enjoy the instant film work you share with us.


We recently received a great submission via email from photographer Paul Hoi, based out of Oakland, CA. For this set of photos, Paul used a Mamiya RZ67 and expired Polaroid 669 pack film. About this series of beautiful photos, Paul says:

Over the course of two weeks in 2014, I explored Iceland through the Ring Road, which connects, from one settlement the next, the entirety of the Nordic country.  I traveled alone with a 4×4, and would often wake up in the morning to surroundings that, due to the immensely diverse microclimates, looked and felt unrecognizable from the day before.  This echoed and compounded from one day into another, and my sense of space and time felt increasingly disjointed and suspended.  Each morning felt as though I’d woken up into a strange, uncanny dream sequence.  Psychedelia: Expired Polaroids from Iceland is a series that explores this process of dissolution. 
To see more of Paul’s work, click on any of the links below, and enjoy the photos that follow!

Website| Flickr | Instagram



  1. Meredith says:

    Utterly beautiful and somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Magical.

  2. Oliwier says:

    The most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen. I literally got sad after I’ve seen all of them and realised there weren’t any more. Cheers from Poland.

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