Featured Friday

Happy day its Friday! This week we really pushed ourselfs to get you guys inspired to get you shooting and creating  some great images. On Wednesday we had a double exposure extravaganza, showing and teaching you how to double expose instant film. We hope you try it and share your results! Today we have another set of images that really inspired us this week and hopefully you too! Thank you all who share to our flickr pool and hope you share some work as well for us to see. We cant wait for Roid week next month and we want to remind you of our giveaway! Who ever gets this sweet new SX70 from the Impossible Project will have a shiny new camera to use that week! Thank you for an amazing week and we hope everyone has an instant film filled weekend.
Queen Anne's Lace Set
Queen Anne’s Lace Set by Penny



Queen Anne's Lace Set
Klaproos by Andy Kleinmoedig




Queen Anne's Lace Set
..- -. – .. – .-.. . -.. by Christian Hang



by Amber Byrne Mahoney



Untitled by Cristóbal Escanilla


  1. every single one of these is spectacular! really beautiful work!

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