Featured Friday

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for our weekly round up of instant photos! It also means that we are only a few days away from Polaroid Week, also kown as Roid Week, which spans July 15th through July 19th. Never heard of Roid Week before? Stay tuned for our post today to get you up to speed on one of the most exciting times of the year. Until then, here are our Featured Friday photos for this week. Enjoy!




Atlanta Bride
Atlanta Bride by Scott Asano




Gina by Michael Ash Smith




Untitled by Cristóbal Escanilla




Melissa by Briana Morrison




Gaby by Justin Molina



We’re always looking for more photos to share, so if you haven’t already, join our Flickr group and share your photos there, especially if you plan to participate in RoidWeek!
If you’d prefer to share through our submit page, then head on over this way. We are stoked for this upcoming week! Happy shooting, and get ready to share those images come Monday!

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