Featured Friday

It’s that time again! The weekly roundup of some pretty amazing photos we found to share with you all! First, a recap of the week. We covered quite a bit of amazing stuff, if I do say so myself. First and foremost, the wonderful Impossible PX Scan Adapter. If you’re on the fence with this, we highly recommend it! Say goodbye to those pesky Newton rings forever! We also covered Chris Kale’s pack film photos that he and Jonathan Canalas shot during FIND Texas.. Have you seen these? They are amazing. Also, I think this would be a good time to thank all those who submitted to our Coin Operated assignment. Next assignment is “Wedding”, don’t forget to submit for that! Last but not least, just yesterday we had our spotlight on
Ashley Saldana, a super talented and young photographer on the rise. Check out her work and be sure to follow her. She’s only been getting better from what we’ve seen. With that we come to our 10 photos for the day. We hope they get you inspired to shoot some amazing stuff this weekend. Enjoy!




Impossible Project Instant Lab

by Francisco Chavira





Greici by Peter McCabe




Sunset over Seattle

Sunset over Seattle by Fabrice Muller





Finished Tree by Caleb Jenkins




Alexander Lake

Alexander Lake by Bethany Helzer





Catherine by Travis Ennis




(Blue) Outlook on Life

(Blue) Outlook on Life by Gheedon Dondlinger




Pamay, Sapa, April 2013

Pamay, Sapa, April 2013 by Andrew Bartman




i let my heart fly away ...

i let my heart fly away … by ina echternach





Echinacea. by juli



As always, we want to encourage y’all to submit more photos! We can never get enough from you guys. We love seeing your work, and even more so we love sharing it with our readers. Submit through our
submit page or add it to our flickr group. We hope you have a good weekend!

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