Featured Friday

There’s a lot goin’ down on Snap It See It lately. First and foremost, did you know that we are giving away an SX-70 Sonar Kit from the Impossible Project? It doesn’t take very much to enter. Stop on by here to see how! Also, recently we were talked about on the Film Photography Project’s podcast! As big fans of these guys and their show, this was a huge deal for us. Check them out now, and for the episode were mentioned at stop on by here (around the 30 minute mark). And finally, we are still accepting submissions for our Vice assignment! Don’t miss out on that! Now, without further adieu, here is today’s Featured Friday!




13/365 by Els Vanopstal




What we dream of ...
What we dream of … by Fabrice Muller




Dialogue#8 by ouen




shades by Leslie Rhodes




Undercliff Walk
Undercliff Walk by Ghee Dondlinger



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  1. these are brilliant!

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