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With only 4 days left in the New55 Kickstarter campaign, we thought we would dedicate todays post to not only New55, but to the film stocks that paved the way for it. All images in todays post were shot on New55, Polaroid Type 55 or Polaroid Type 665 film stock.

Yesterday we saw over $30,000 get added to the campaign total. Seriously, there is less than $80,000 left to go! I know that seems like a lot of money, but it really isn’t. If half the people that signed the 3000B petition would just give $20.00, the goal would be reached. If a quarter of the people gave $50.00 it will be passed. Yesterday we posted Cory Verellen’s thoughts on New55. (link) Today we are posting an excerpt Michael Ash Smith posted on Facebook. Please take a moment to read, then enjoy the beauty of 4×5 instant film.

“I know there are photographers that love shooting film viewing this but not donating anything. I get it. I’d be hesitant too. Why support instant film when you don’t even use it?

Here’s why: Because you aren’t supporting just instant film. You are supporting film as a medium. This is about MORE than just manufacturing a new 4×5 instant film, its giving a big middle finger to the companies that no longer think film will pad their bottom line. It’s a slap in the face to companies that said film won’t be around much longer and are slowly giving up on it. It’s to prove there IS a market for instant film – and film in general. I know there’s a market for it because I’m in it. I see it on a daily basis. I have a wide network of friends and colleagues that are a part of it and I know it exists.

New55 developed a brand new – yes, NEW – black and white instant film and now they want to manufacturer it so 4×5 shooters around the world can use it. Heck, I’m not a 4×5 shooter at all, but you know what? I will be one if this gets funded. I’m sure you are frustrated that your favorite film stock has disappeared – or will be soon (3000b, 800z, Neopan, Kodachrome, etc) but right now you have the chance to get behind a company that is making a new film. Unfortunately this campaign is winding down and we are about 3/4 of the way there!

We need your help. Instant film lovers, film lovers, or just photography lovers need to get together and fund this campaign. So please consider giving up your next few lattes from Starbucks. Don’t go out to dinner this weekend. Rent of movie with the family instead of going to see one in a theater. Sell off that skateboard you said you were going to use but never have. Anything! 

$25 is all you need to get in on this. Heck, you don’t even need to pledge $25! Pledge whatever you can!! Just don’t let it pass by. I have no idea whats going to happen if it doesn’t get funded by late Monday but I also don’t want to find out. I feel like I’m working in public radio drumming up support, but hey, I’ll do it if it means making this campaign happen!

Just $25 can make a difference.” – Michael Ash Smith

Mike is right. $25 can make a difference. So please, pass this post along. Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram or Tumble it! The word needs to get out. From the Snap It See It team, enjoy your weekend and click this link!

dfa24f0eb62f11e3b69312e877dfaa94_8New55 by Sam Hiser





00337-maxwell-EditType 55 by Scott Stallings

00378-impossibleinstantdayType 55 by Scott Stallings


Polaroid 665 by Michael Kirchoff

Polaroid 665 by Michael Kirchoff


New55 by Jason Edwards

Type 55 by Joshua Wilkins




Type 55 by Joshua Wilkins


Type 55 by Polly Chandler

And the face you have seen throughout the Kickstarter Campaign


This is just a sample of the beautiful images that can be made using 4×5 instant film. For more, please check out the New55 Instagram feed.


  1. LANDCAMERAS.COM will donate $25 from every camera sale toward New55 kickstarter.
    Ok, I’m taking it one step further. I can probably safely assume that everyone reading this article has an instant camera of some sort 🙂 If you have a land camera, great! Chances are it’s pretty quirky, you end up wasting some film or missing shots because of this, or that issue with it. I started LandCameras.com just because of that. You can buy other cameras at various outlets’ that have been “refurbished”. This usually means brushing the dust off and gutting the battery box to wedge some AAA batteries in there. As an engineer this drives me batty. Over the past 5 years I’ve undertaken to completely restore the best Polaroid land cameras on the planet. I sell them at what I believe to be a reasonable price for the amount of work that goes into each one. No questions asked warranty, and lifetime support. Realize this post is SELLING something but the point is I want to put that money to a more important use for now. $25 is well over half my profit on some of our models. I want to put your money where my mouth is and support something that is very important to our community. Grassroots, community driven businesses, even on the internet is the equivalent of buying local. These micro businesses thrive because of the ability to reach out to a wider audience. New55 IS your local Food Truck, Paper Boy, independent car mechanic.. etc.
    You can buy a camera Online or give us a call to place you order between 11am and 6pm Pacific time. WE CAN DO THIS!

  2. Peter de groot says:

    And the goal has been reached! New55 will now become reallity! Thanks to all our backers! And we have even time to spare.

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