Featured Friday

Friday brings upon us another weekend of instant fun! We very recently (Yesterday) got our hands on a LomoInstant! We are very excited to shoot and share with you guy was we shoot with it. We would actually love to hear what you guys think of the camera, for those who are getting one. If you didnt, why not? Also we would love to see any instax mini shots you y’all take, especially with the lomoinstant. Be sure to tag us on Instagram with #snapitseeit if you plan to share, and dont forget there are the flickr group and the email. We hope you have a great weekend!

Eclipse by ouen

Sibling No 2 | Polaroid SX70 | Impossible B&W film for SX70, black frame.
Sibling No 2 by Melissa Mercado

untitled / Polaroid Week Monday
Untitled by Stacie Gerrity

Untitled by Anne Locquen

Little life
Little life by Thomas Ville

by Miesh Photography

by Richard Spicer

bench by Maija Karisma

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