Featured Friday: Black And White

The beauty of monochrome. Black and white film is dear to the hearts of many, with its classic look and emotionally provocative aesthetic. Black and white photography, no matter how much the art form grows, is something that will never die. Black and white photos were there at the inception of the medium itself in the 1800s and even with the invention of color photography, and the advancement of technology today, black and white remains standard and even preference for some photographers, and rightfully so as black and white is ever so reminiscent and timeless in look. For today’s Featured Friday we bring you just that with a collection of our recent favorite black and white images from our flickr group. You may notice that a number of these are from Polaroid Week. There are just too many amazing photos, it will be kind of difficult for them not to trickle into our Featured Friday for the next couple weeks or so. We hope you enjoy the photos and that they offer a boost of creativity for you all. As always, enjoy and have a great weekend!

Croatia… by Thomas Böttcher

Glacier Point View
Glacier Point View by Cromwell Schubarth

Passage, Getty Center
Passage, Getty Center by Heather Polley

Rachel--'Roid Week 2014 Day 1
Roid Week 2014 Day 1 by Julia Holcomb

I Ruin Anything I Get My Boney Hands On
I Ruin Anything I Get My Boney Hands On by Justin Molina

Roid week day 4 shot 1
Roid week day 4 shot 1 by Matt Smith

title=”Brothers by Heather Polley

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 1.45.43 AM
Self by Sophia de Young

Untitled by Leanne Surfleet

LACMA Palms by Toby Hancock


  1. These photos are so horrendously gorgeous!

  2. The Matt Smith photo is awesome! As well as Justine Molina. Excellent stuff guys.

  3. Meredith :) says:

    Another fantastic Friday selection. Love!

  4. I am an instant film novice, but I am hooked. I LOVE this site, and to have my pic as one of the featured photos…mind blown!!! Thank you so very much!!! #quailawesomeness

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