Featured Friday: Instagram Edition

Ahh, good ol’ instant film. Such a raw an intimate form of photography, you can’t help but grow attached to this medium despite all its imperfections. After all, isn’t that what draws us to this film? Going through the photos for todays posts, a lot of the photos that caught my attention had a divot or some sort of imperfection to it. Some may consider it a dead photo, but these photographers embraced those mishaps, and I’d say they add quite a bit to the photo. It’s what makes it unique and this photo could never be replicated. So that’s todays unofficial theme for Featured Friday. We hope you enjoy today’s batch of photos. Of course, don’t forget to tag #snapitseeit on instagram or add your instant shots to our flickr group.

Have a wonderful weekend. Happy shooting and remember: embrace the divot!

by Devin Blaskovich

by Thomas Zamolo

by ryan johnson photo

by Rachael

by kiera eve

by Julie-Anne Cassidy

by elegia

by Jon Anthony Syverson

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