Featured Friday: Seeing Double.

Ever get the feeling of deja vu, that you’re seeing double? You might as you scroll through todays Featured Friday post, showcasing double-exposed photos pulled from our flickr group! It’s always fun to experiment with instant film, and it’s even more fun to see the amazing results that you guys come up with. We hope you enjoy this weeks batch of photos and that you have a great weekend!

Field Day
Field Day by Richard P J Lambert

rachel rachel
rachel rachel by penny

Untitled by Melissa Mercado

Planetarium by Gheedon

Escher-esque Portrait
Escher-esque Portrait by Francisco Chavira

Ablebody at Lot 1 Cafe 2013-06-27
Ablebody at Lot 1 Cafe 2013-06-27 by Nick Marshall

Selfie x 2
Selfie x 2 by Josh Casserino

Untitled by Leanne Surfleet

Mixed Vintage - March 2014
Mixed Vintage – March 2014 by Andrew Bartram

Untitled No. 17
Untitled No. 17 by Marisa


  1. Oh cool! That’s my photo.

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