Featured Friday: Self Portraits

I don’t know about you guys, but we’re really diggin this whole themed Featured Friday thing that we’ve got goin on here. So much so, that we’re gonna keep it going this week. Today we’ll be featuring a roundup of our favorite self-portraits that we came across this week. We also even called for some submissions, for which we want to thank you very much for those who submitted photos. Before we get to the photos, though, a quick reminder: This Monday, May 19th, begins Spring 2014 Roid Week! Check out last weeks featured friday to learn about roid week and get yourself pumped for next week! Until then we hope you enjoy todays photos and have a good weekend!

what you wanted | what you got
what you wanted | what you got by Natalya Pemberton

Idaho City Selfie
Idaho City Selfie by Toby Hancock

Untitled by Leanne Surfleet

Untitled by Anna Marcell

le livre blanc
le livre blanc by Marcelo Yanez

365 Impossible Self-Portraits: Day 287
365 Impossible Self-Portraits: Day 287 by Meghan Davidson

Selfportrait with Peacocks
by Laura Su Bischoff

Troy Self Portrait - Impossible PQ8x10 BW FF
by Troy Bradford

Tea time with my old friends
Tea time with my old friends by Emilie



To be in our Featured Friday post, just submit your work through the submit page on our site. We also share work that is added to our Flickr group. Also, we are now looking for the #snapitseeit hashtag on your Instagram photos! Thanks again for doing so. Have a great weekend!

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