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Here are again! We are so stoked it is Friday and we are so ready for the weekend! We hope you have an epic weekend and a rad Friday! Going along with our latest trend of themed featured Fridays. We thought it would only be fitting to share photos that embody what summer is all about. Working hard and playing hard, long weekends with friends and lots of brews. The feeling of warm nights and camping out in the mountains. Let us not forget the epic world cup going on right now! Summer weddings and sunsets! Go Argentina! Such a fantastic time of year we are living in.  2 of the 4 of us from the Snap It See It team live in California and let me tell you this is the state to be in right now. We also want to formally welcome Melissa Mercado to the Snap It See It team. She will be running our Instagram account, Instagram is the place to be! You can follow Snap It See It’s Instagram account. Also feel free to follow the entire Snap It See It team, here are the links to Chris’, Francisco’s, Justin’s and Melissa’s personal accounts! Without further a do! Here are the photos!


By Julia Holcomb

by Penny Felts

By Marcelo Yanez

By Maija Karisma

By Roscoe

By Richard PJ Lambert

By Maija Karisma

By Scot Ansano

By Toby Hancock

By ouen

Also don’t forget that our preferred method for photo submissions is out flickr group! So don’t forget to add them to our group!


  1. WOW!!! Thanks so much you guys. I am such a fan of this site and to have my photo featured…so AWESOME! The irony is that I was having the worst day, probably of this entire year, and I came across this home. I hopped out of the care, shot the photo and stopped crying after I saw it. Art can heal!!! Thanks again!!! Love this site! =)

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