Featured Post: Cakes by Anna Blightman

We can’t believe September is already here! For many, it’s back to school, back to work and depending on where you are – a change of season.  As much as we hate to see summer go, fall will soon be here.  That might mean a little more time indoors – perhaps more time in the kitchen whipping up delicious treats to enjoy with a cup of your favorite hot beverage on a cool, crisp, fall afternoon. Today, we bring you a project that we are excited to share and that will definitely get you wanting to enter the kitchen.

You might remember Berlin/Bristol based photographer, Anna Blightman from a recent Artist Spotlight interview.  She mentioned a few of the many great projects she had in the works, and today’s feature is one of them, “Cakes,” features 15 cake recipes captured on Polaroids. Each recipe is of Anna’s own creation and not only do they sound great, they look great! We got to preview a set and thought we’d give you a quick glance. Perhaps you know someone who not only loves to bake, but loves instant film – this would make an awesome gift! Please show Anna your support by checking out the links below – she really has some great work. Also, visit her Etsy store to get your copy of recipe cards!

Website | Twitter Etsy | Behance | Petite Poste

The recipe cards come nicely packaged in a box that is quite specific for the recipe cards included – it doubles as a stand!




Inside, a nice little thank you note, along with 15 recipe cards. Each card has a beautiful photo of the cake you are about to bake, taken on Impossible instant film. We love that each card has been printed showing the texture and details that a real Polaroid would have on both the front and the back.




The back of each card simply lists bake time, ingredients and directions. This project has been a little different from what we’ve seen recently, but we thought these were very awesome! Personally, we’re excited to try our hand at the lemon tart and the walnut cake with coffee icing. Thanks, Anna for sharing these amazing recipe cards with us! We hope the rest of you can pick up a pack, bake a few cakes and share with Anna your creations (perhaps on instant film!).




  1. That is really creative Anna, I would think there’s a market for these in the resale trade (gift shops, bookstores etc.) Good luck!

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