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Richard is a Sacramento film photographer, believe us those are rare as unicorns. That being acknowledged, to see these great instant photos come from the capital of California is extraordinary. Richard has been working hard to refine his style, and as photographers we hit small milestones that we will always remember. Those shoots, where everything aligns are so perfect and we discover new abilities we never knew we had. I am sure you know the ones, so today we feature one of those perfect shoots maybe not a perfect location shoot , but perfect in the images that resulted from it. Rich wrote a little more about his shoot and how it went below. Oh and for reference he shot on Fuji fp-100c and fp-3000b and a 450 Land camera.

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“I’m primarily a film shooter, but I stick to black and white that I process in my bathroom. When Fuji announced they were ending their production of 3000B, my heart sank. I didn’t really have a good camera for it, and I didn’t want to buy one now because I was and am still afraid they’ll stop producing the FP-100c. I love black and white film of all sorts, so when I set up my last session I knew I had to shoot at least one pack of the 3000B. 

For this session, I was shooting a girl I met through Instagram, we have some common friends. I typically only shoot people I know, so I was kind of going out on a limb a little bit. I wasn’t 100% confident that I’d be able to pull it off. I am naturally prone to complete chaos and living on the edge of my seat. I don’t have a calendar, I don’t wear a watch, and my phone is filled up with all kinds of these apps that are supposed to get me to be more organized but I just have no ability to function in this way.  When left to my own devices, I quickly lose track of space and time and the next thing I know it’s 4AM and I’m in the middle of starting a new project I’ll never finish. However, because I was aware someone else would suffer if I failed, I made efforts to put some sort of loose plan together, so we had gotten together via FaceTime to kind of figure out what we wanted to shoot. We came up with a plan for a dress, and a loose concept. We didn’t really nail down a location until just a few days before, I have this beautiful terrace next to my building that looks out six floors up over Downtown Sacramento, it has a lush and verdant landscape surrounded by skyscrapers on 3 sides. 
We were shooting on Labor Day and everything kind of fell apart 3 hours before the shoot when I decided to check on it, and found out that the building was completely closed and nobody had forgotten to lock any of the gates, so we couldn’t even sneak in. I spent the next three hours dragging my wife all over town while we walked nearby locations in 100 degree heat searching high and low for the right spot. 
Downtown Sacramento is home to the Convention Center, a large building with nice stairways and patios, a little bare, but I thought it might work. I walked around the entire building, which took some amount of time. I discovered a gated patio with nice trees, dramatic light, cool tones and thought it would be totally awesome if someone forgot to lock the gate. I reached through the bars and pressed on the latch and it popped right open. This is where I shot the FP-100c. Just goes to show you that a little bit of attention to detail and boldness and you’ll come through in a pinch most of the time. 
Not having worked with Kaitlynn before, I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be like. I took a look at her IG profile and saw that she had some strong pictures in her feed that kind of inspired the session. Once we got started she was a total dream. I am not a strong director, I just like things to feel natural and in the moment. Kaitlynn knew how to pose, and I’d shoot a few frames, and then she’d naturally switch to a new pose. There wasn’t a lot of verbal communication, but she just seemed to be on the same wave length and it was so natural feeling that I didn’t even realize that there weren’t a whole lot of words being said until we were done. 
I was totally blown away with the peel apart instant film. I’ve tried the impossible stuff, and I think it’s amazing, I’m a huge fan, I just never get it to come out the way a lot of my friends get it to. I’m not sure why, but I haven’t shot a lot of it, because it’s just too expensive. I’m putting together a few more sessions for fall, and I definitely plan on shooting more FP-100c, I can’t wait to see those fall colors on the film. What about the 3000B? I can’t even talk about it, I’m so crushed over it, I can totally relate the Fault in Our Stars right now. “

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