Film Is Not Dead: Austin, TX Part 2

A few weeks back, I wrote of my time in Austin, TX where I had attended a Film Is Not Dead workshop put on by Jon Canlas. You can FIND (pun intended) that post here. In that post I told you of the amazing time we had and what a joy it was to meet and hang out with such a great group of photographers. That post also focused on shots taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar on Impossible Project PX70 CP film. Today’s post is all pack film. All images in this post were shot by either myself or Jon. Oh, and if you ever wondered what I look like (Chris here), I’m the shirtless dude in the gallery below. I cant promise we’ll be able to provide shots of Francisco and Justin to match. Sorry ladies…


Now, Jon usually does not go over or talk that much about instant film in his workshops. Pack film is covered to a small degree in his book, but for the most part the class is focused on roll film and related techniques. But, having followed Jon for a while, I know he has a soft spot for Fuji FP-3000B. So it was no surprise that he got a little excited when I pulled out my Mamiya Universal and a few packs of film at the workshop. We shot some during the day at a local park, but the real fun was had on our last night together as a group. We stayed up late in the evening, actually shutting down a convenient store and using nothing but the glow from the overhang to capture some great images. We also took advantage of some Christmas lights strung on a fence to get a few portraits of the women of FIND.

By the end of the evening, Jon was on Ebay looking ay Universals and Polaroid 600se’s. Sometimes we let cameras go for various reasons. Jon had sold off his 600se and had only shot pack film in his RZ for a while. It was awesome to see him pick mine up and get excited. It was even more exciting for me to take home prints from someone I admire and for a brief moment maybe inspired to shoot a little more instant film.


If you have ever thought of attending a FIND workshop, I suggest you do it. Even if you are an experienced photographer, you will walk away with inspired. I walked away with new friends, a ton of instant film memories and how could I forget, some new ink to remember the week by.




  1. Love love love all the photos!!

  2. Money maker! Ha! So true.

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