First Look: Step5 Polaroid Print Holder

Welcome to the start of the week! We took a really quick look at the Step5 Polaroid Print Holder sold by PhotOlé Photography. This product, we think, will find a nice spot in the corner of your camera bag. Check out our quick video for a few more details.

If you know you definitely want to pick one of these up, you can find them here.

If you have a product you think we should check out, let us know! And don’t forget we are always actively looking for Artist Spotlight submissions, so if you know anyone or would like to be featured, email us –  Have a great week, folks!


  1. Justwhat I was looking for, thanks

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out and review. Currently the Step5’s design is best used on prints. If you use it for negatives, you can only successfully fit 5 in. So every other slot. We started designing a different case specifically geared for negatives. I’ll be sure to keep you posted when final result is done.

    Again Thank You for the review!

  3. I guess Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. 🙂

  4. MaggieAnn says:

    Oh wow, it’s very similar to the original Bell-Pickle Polaroid drying box! I have two of them and love that they fit sizes up to 4×5 polas. 🙂

  5. SusieLou says:

    Very similar to the Bell – Pickle Polaroid Film Drying Box made by Holga Mods, which I would say I prefer (yes, I own one, but have no financial interest) simply because it has a lid with air holes, two ‘handles’ with holes for a carrying cord to be attached (I wear mine cross body in the field) and inside you have removable spacers so that you can give what you put inside as little or as much space as you want (ie; the whole, unpeeled Polaroid vs. a peeled one, or a negative) This makes it much more adjustable. Plus, lots of pretty color options. :))

    OOPS< forgive me. I did not mean to sidetrack the discussion! I definitely see a need for this type of item. Very happy to have one myself!

    • Melissa says:

      And this is why we love this community! Always sharing great info. I love the fact that you can carry and modify the spacing! Sure it comes in handy!

  6. Michael says:

    Wow! Very affordable vs. other brands. Great product and 1/3 the price of others I see. I will order a step 5.

    It is naturally given to all men to esteem their own inventions as best.

  7. I left the following on the “update” page for this thing:

    Sigh, I bought 3 of the original versions. And they sucked. Its really sad for the price they asked that they didnt even pass a single real world test. I used it on ONE occasion and never will again, at least now how it is intended. If you put 2 shots together in consequential slots, they stuck together ruining at least one of the photos every time.

    Im glad they made a 2.0 (under the guise of negative holding), but honestly if they arent sending them free to the “beta testers” of V1, they can kiss my butt…designing a holder that doesnt even work at all how intended. What a rip-off is how I felt about it. High hopes dashed to pieces.

    • Have you tried contacting them to see if they’d swap out your 3 for their newer version? I would hope that they would try to help you out or offer some sort of trade up!

      • Honestly, I dont care. I bought 3 and gave 2 to a friend in Australia because they wouldn’t ship to him.

        And after seeing HolgaMods version, why would I even give these folks my $ when they apparently didnt even test their design but sold it anyway and RUINED a full pack of shots I took.

        • SMH!!! I don’t agree with this persons comment. I in fact have ordered several of these step5’s and have found them quite easy and simple to use, very handy (my opinon) & dummy proof or I thought. From what I understand they do ship overseas. I guess there is always an unhappy consumer you can’t please them all LOL!!

          • I am not an unhappy customer, I am an instant photographer who didnt get what they paid for. A drying box that would keep my prints safe while in the field.

            The spacing is TOO CLOSE. Freshly peeled films curl a tiny bit in the middle, like an arch. And actually arch enough so that they touch when slid into the slots next to one another. Causing the photos to stick together, ruining them as they dry. So, no this thing does NOT work as intended and if it did for others I am surprised since its 3D printed object with little to no margin of error.

            They did NOT ship international for V1 or my friend would have bought them himself, that or the costs were overpriced.

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