flawed | an instant film exhibition

Just recently, we were contacted by Michael Kirchoff, photographer, editor for Blur Magazine and juror for the A Smith Gallery‘s flawed | an instant film exhibition, accepting submissions from now until November 30th.

We are happy to share this exhibit information that no doubt many of you will enjoy and will want to submit your incredible work to. For this exhibit, the subject matter is entirely up to you, as long as the photograph has been made with one of the many forms of instant film: original Polaroid, Fuji Instant, Impossible Project or New55 films.

Below, an excerpt and few words from Michael on the exhibit:

I want to see what you have created with the instant film that you love, including all the inherent flaws and happy accidents that so often occur. Show me the passion that you feel for a material that enables you to create a physical, tangible image that can be made no other way. From soft color palettes to striking black and white imagery, there are a multitude of ways to present your photographs in the instant world. With a lifetime of experience in the medium I know what can be done. I also know that I can still be surprised at the flexibility of this amazing instant gratification that predates our digital world, yet endures like no other.

Winning images will be exhibited at the A Smith Gallery from January 15 to March 6, 2015, and also published in a special editorial section of the international publication, Blur Magazine, for which I curate the instant film section, among others.

For all requirements, exhibit information, forms, fees, deadlines and award information, please click below:

flawed | an instant film exhibition at the A Smith Gallery

Thank you, Michael, for sharing this with us! To all of those entering, we wish you the very best!





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