Giveaway: SX-70 Silver Sonar Kit

Here it is, our biggest giveaway to date. In case you didn’t subscribe to our newsletter, here is your chance, now, to enter into our giveaway! We have an SX70 SILVER SONAR CAMERA KIT from the more-than-wonderful Impossible Project, and we want to give it to one of you!


Yes, you read that correctly, an SX-70 Sonar, probably the most magical camera ever made.
Entering is quite simple…



1) If you haven’t already, follow, like and friend The Impossible Project and Snap It See it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If for some reason you don’t have one or the other, that’s okay.

2) Now with your newly found social skills. Tag US and THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT, in a photo with your newly bought goodies from their Store! Starting May 27th through July 4th take a photo of your new packs of film, analogue goodies, a sticker, their fabulous emulsion lift kits, anything you were going to buy from their store counts as an entry. Just tag us in your photo! If you live over the pond, in a gorgeous hill in Holland well you can also enter. Japanese friends, you can also win this!

Easy, right!?
We want to thank you for reading our blog, submitting your amazing images and for loving instant film as much as we do. Because of your support are we able to have such a great relationship with The Impossible Project and offer you this amazing giveaway.

Film and Sprockets,
Chris (aka bearded dude), Francisco (aka Lalo), and Justin (aka The Legend)


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