Haiti: Faces and Families

Dear Instant Film Family,

Chris here! Today I am writing to you about an upcoming project that I need your help with. This is a great community with good hearted and passionate people from all walks of life, religions and backgrounds. I’m hoping that I can solicit your support on a project I’m calling The Faces and Families of Haiti.

June 14th, I catch a plane bound for Haiti. This will be my first time out of the country, and I’m both nervous and excited for the trip. I have been blessed with a great opportunity to share my love for photography while helping a wonderful organization.


I will be part of a short-term mission team from my local church, going to Thomassin, Haiti. The group will be spending a week at the Bethel Guesthouse in Thomassin, working alongside Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope. During that week, I have two goals.

1: Document the group as they work in the orphanage and nearby rural fishing and farming villages. The group will be delivering much needed school and medical supplies, food and water, and working with leaders of local churches and with students in the schools.

2: Give back! As photographers, we have a special gift. We have the equipment and eye to capture the world around us. A gift that we often take for granted. Having thousands of pictures of our friends and families, it’s hard to think that there are children that have never seen their face on film. I don’t have the heart to go to an area and document their life, the triumphs and tragedies, without leaving something behind.

This is where you come in, I need film! My goal is to leave the children and families with a small token of my visit. An Instax Mini print to be exact! I have chosen to use Instax Mini because of the size and cost. I would love to take 500 portraits to leave behind. I will do my best to capture the children holding their print so you can see the smile on their faces when I return.

 I have teamed up with the awesome staff at Mel Pierce Camera to help make donating film easy. By clicking this link, http://tinyurl.com/kmgubeb, you can purchase film on my behalf at a discounted price. You will not need to worry about shipping either, which means that anybody can order! Mel Pierce Camera will hold all the film and ship it directly to me before the trip. My goal is 50 packs of film. You will be able to track the progress on the Mel Pierce Camera Facebook page. I have no way to offer a tax deduction for film purchases, but your support is greatly appreciated.

 The entire project will be shot on film. I will be using three film stocks alongside the Instax during the trip. Ektar, Tri-X and Portra 400. Once the 50 pcak goal of film has been reached, I would love to have your support in helping purchase the 35mm film for this trip. The chosen film stocks are available at the same link, http://tinyurl.com/kmgubeb, and as with the Instax, there is a discount and no shipping charges.

 There is nothing to gain financially from this trip for me. All images taken will be turned over to A Door to Hope and the team I followed. The instant film will be hanging on a child’s wall or tucked in a school book. The other film images will be used to promote the work of the organizations.

 Thank you so much for considering this! I’m very excited about this opportunity. Again, a big thanks to Mel Pierce Camera for partnering with me to help put a print in the hand of a family and a smile on the face of a child in Haiti. Now it’s up to you and me to make it happen!



  1. Sounds like an awesome opportunity, Chris! I’ll try to share and chip in where I can!

    • Thanks Tim. I know its going to be a blast, and I hope I can deliver on my goal. Any help is much appreciated.

  2. Chris, this is such a wonderful mission project (and how awesome it’ll be done all analogue). I can’t wait to see what you create. I’ve donated 2 Instax packs and 1 Kodak roll. Since I have until June, I will check in again to see what the needs are. I thank you, your local church, Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope for this beautiful idea.

    • Thank you so much Julia! It’s going to be such a great project. All organizations involved are doing wonderful things.


  4. Sheila Kale says:

    Chris, I ordered 4 packs of Ektar 100 Color, 5 packs of Protra 400 and 10 packs of Tri X Pan. I am so glad that you met your goal on the Instax. Your Dad and I are so proud of you and know that this trip will be a blessing to you.


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