HeroesCon 2016 by Scott Southall

Today we feature the work of Scott Southall. Most of our readers might be familiar with his great portrait work and every so often, Scott attends some great events and photographs them with Impossible Film. This week, we share a set of portraits from HeroesCon 2016 in Charlotte, NC. Scott has a another set or two that he will share soon, but today, check out this great set of cosplay photos from HeroesCon. Be sure to also check out more of Scott’s work by clicking on the links below.

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Scott tells us about this set:

I made it back to Charlotte, NC this past weekend for my third year at HeroesCon (http://www.heroesonline.com/heroescon/), and this was the best year yet. Knowing my way around, being familiar with so many comic book artists, and even having better film from The Impossible Project (the new Gen 3.0 color film) made this year a lot of fun. HeroesCon is a very family friendly comic book convention, and it puts comics first unlike some of the bigger shows that have been swallowed up by the movie industry and giant crowds. You get to talk to the individuals who make your favorite works of art and craft amazing stories (even photographing them with their creations come to life), see kids cosplaying with their parents and having a blast (like the family I ran into supporting Cobra from G.I. Joe, and sticking together on the bad side), and meet a variety of people that put hours into making costumes to show the world their love for nerdy stuff. 
I’ve still got a couple dozen photos to share, but I thought I’d start off with some of the cosplayers I got to meet and marvel at during the con. Check back later for some of the artist photos I took, and a short interview I did with a relatively new comic book artist who’s worked with IDW Publishing, Dark Horse comics, and a few others.

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