HeroesCon 2016 Part II by Scott Southall

Welcome to another feature post. We recently just shared a small set of photos taken by Scott Southall during this years HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC. This week, he’s shared with us an Artist Roundup. Please stop by and become more familiar with Scott’s work using the links below. We appreciate Scott taking the time to write up a nice piece and share photos from his time at HeroesCon. If you’re a comic fan, definitely read on below to find out more about HeroesCon. If you have a set of photos you’d like to share from an event, a travel or portrait series, let us know!

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HeroesCon 2016: Artist Roundup
Welcome back. This week I’ve got more Impossible Project shots from HeroesCon 2016, this time featuring most of the artists I photographed this year. 
HeroesCon is always a vibrant and generous place, presenting more things for your discovery than you probably have time for. It gives more than you need, and anyone that is a fan of comics and art couldn’t possibly leave without buying something they’ll love or meeting someone that will continue to impress them for years to come.
This being my third year at the convention, I immediately dropped in on the artists I’m familiar with to see the incredible work they’ve been previewing online in person, to feed them very decadent dark chocolate dulce de leche brownies (I’m also a cook), and to take some brand new, up-to-date photos of them with the latest version of IP film. I think the first artist I dropped by to see was Amanda Boucher, whose art has leveled up rapidly over the course of the past year, and veered heavily in the direction of horror. I somehow dropped the ball and only photographed 3/4 of The Super Best Friends Club (Kevin Wada, Kristafer Anka, and Babs Tarr (Jake Wyatt was busy with commissions all weekend)), but you should definitely check out the entire clubs’ Twitter/Instagram/ect. to see all of the awe inspiring commissions and prints they created for HeroesCon. Jiji Knight, Babs’ assistant, was crushing it artwise while she was helping Babs run her table (she made this while she was there:https://twitter.com/jijidraws/status/744674983503265792 ), and both of them were very stylish all weekend.
And then, of course, came the adventuring; my journey to see new faces. HereosCon draws new artists every year, and I had a list of people to meet that was imperative to fulfill. Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon were right at the top of that list, and since their line was a quarter of a mile long for the whole con, I thought I was going to miss them. Right after the show ended on SaturdayI got a solid 90 seconds to take the black and white shot you see above while they were packing up, and that was all I could really ask for. If you haven’t read Daytripper, or (like me) picked up their latest collaboration with Neil Gaiman “How To Talk To Girls At Parties”, I highly recommend that you do. 
A couple of other highlights from my wanderings was putting a face to the Twitter feed and Instagram stream of Paulina Ganucheau and Ariela Kristantina, both of whom I’ve know about for a while via another comic book enthusiast I know. Ariela had actually been at Heroes Con for the past 3 years, and I had completely missed her and the incredible work she does, so I’m glad I got to meet her and do a mini photo shoot. This was Paulina’s first year at the con, and she was incredibly nice and as cute and colorful as the strong female characters that she draws (you can actually keep up with everything she’s doing and support her via her patreon: https://www.patreon.com/paulinaganucheau).
I stumbled upon three artists on Saturday that were immediately my new favorites, Rebecca Farrow, Kyle Katterjohn, and Melissa Duffy. In a sea of art vying for your attention, when something stops you in your tracks and draws you to it, that’s when you know you’ve found something you’ll love forever, and that was the case with all of their art work. In fact, the only commissions I requested this year were from Rebecca and Kyle (they will be up on my walls soon), and one of my top priorities for HeroesCon 2017 is to have Melissa paint me a masterpiece to add to my collection.
This post is already long enough, so I won’t go over all the artists I met, but I’ll let you discover their work on your own by following the links provided below. I’ve still got one more blog post left and a few more photos, so keep an eye out for those! Thanks for stopping by. 


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