How To: Double Exposures on a Polaroid Spectra

Earlier today, we featured images from our Bi-weekly Assignment, Double Exposure. You can find that post here.

On that note, good friend of the blog, Dr. J Caldwell, thought this would be a great time to submit another how to video for our readers. He goes over the steps of shooting Double Exposures on a Polaroid Spectra camera.

Dont worry, if you miss something in the video, I’m gonna post the steps below.


Step 1. Using your Polaroid Spectra camera and a pack of expired Polaroid film or  fresh Impossible Project film, set the lighten/darken adjuster on the back of the camera to darken.

Step 2. Take your first picture (usually the background image) and do not release your finger from the shutter button.

Step 3. While holding the shutter button, open the film compartment door on the camera. It is now safe to let the shutter button go.

Step 4. Close the door and reset the lighten/darken adjuster. If shooting expired Polaroid film, set to lighten. If shooting fresh Impossible Project film, set to darken or leave neutral. (Impossible films have a higher ISO than the Polaroid films)

Step 5. Compose your second image and shoot normal. Your image will eject and you can be happy knowing you created something in camera and not in Photoshop.


Thanks again to J for doing this How To. Do you have a technique you’d like to explain? Have a technique you’d like us to go over? Help us add to our How to section by commenting with your thoughts below.


  1. This is great! I’ve been multiple exposing PZ film and getting great results on sunny days( i suppose cause its so contrasty out), but not so good results on overcast days, think I’ll give this method a try and see if they improve!!! cheers!

  2. Would the same thing work with the SX70 camera?


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