How To: Instax Wide Film In Any Pack-Film Camera

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know one of our goals is to build the site into a resource for all instant films. Part of that goal is having a How To section with tips, techniques and fun hacks that make shooting more fun.

It’s been a while since we had a How To post, but thanks to Dr. J Caldwell, were back with another cool hack.

This time we will be discussing shooting Fuji Instax Wide film in any camera that accepts pack-film. J has put together a great little how to video explaining the technique and we have put together a materials list below.

Materials Needed:

1. A pack of Fuji Instax wide film.

2. An empty pack-film cartridge. (For holding the unexposed Instax film in camera)

3. An empty Instax Wide cartrige. (To load exposed shot into and used in Instax Wide for developing)

4. A dark room or changing bag. (For loading film into cameras and packs)

5. A Fuji Instax Wide camera. (To develop shot)

6. A pack-film camera. Examples: Mamiya Universal/Polaroid 600SE, Mamiya RZ, Polaroid 180/195, you get the point…

The Video:

The Results:












Now, we know that this technique is time consuming. We also know that you could just shoot these films in their own cameras. But where is the fun in that!

Thanks for experimenting J, and thanks for taking the time to put together the video. You can find more of J at the following links.

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  1. I don’t have an Instax Wide to try this out but on a Polaroid Automatic Land Camera with a scene selector you could use the 300 ASA setting with the dial all the way to the dark side (1 stop) to get about 600 ASA, or you could use the 3000 ASA setting with the dial all the way to the light side (2 stops) to get about 800 ASA.

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