How To: Polaroid Pinhole by Siim Vahur

So, today we are going to show you how to make a pinhole camera from Polaroid Studio Express back. I believe this should work with other backs as well that are similar to the studio express.

Now, I’ll tell you up front, this How To is a little different from others we have posted. It comes from one of our readers, Siim Vahur. Siim is a commercial photographer based in Estonia and currently works for Tallinn City Theatre. Although most of Siim’s commercial photography is digital, his roots are analogue. He enjoys building pinhole cameras and collecting vintage equipment and old glass negatives . You can see more of Siim’s work at the following links.

Website | Flickr | Commercial Flickr

 There is not a major write up to go with this. The pictures pretty much do the talking. If you have any questions, post in the comments and we will get Siim to chime in.

The specs for this configuration are:
Pinhole f 37 (diameter 0.3mm)
Focal length 11mm
Angle 160°
Image size: 7.7×9.9cm

Materials needed:

Polaroid back

Heavy card stock



Knife / Scissors



Small piece of tin (to puncture for pinhole)

Pinhole Calculator  (using the calculator, you could set this up for 3000B as well)

Fuji FP-100C  (log in at Mel Pierce Camera for non advertised instant film prices)

picture-3 (1)

picture-4 (1)

picture-5 (1)

picture-6 (1)

picture-7 (1)

picture-8 (1)

picture-9 (1)

picture-10 (1)

picture-11 (1)

picture-12 (1)

picture-13 (1)

picture-14 (1)

So, now that we have seen the construction, lets see some results!




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