How To Update: Bleaching FP-100C Negatives

Bleaching the negatives from Fuji’s FP-100c instant film is nothing new. There are several How To articles online and videos available. It is a topic we have discussed on the site before and honestly thought there was nothing new to go over with it. That all changed this past weekend when Brian and Brandon from The Brothers Wright posted a video sharing a new method for bleaching.

Now, you may be wondering what could have possibly made bleaching negatives easier than it already is. How about a method that requires nothing more than a bowl, a sink and some concentrated bleach? No glass, brushes, tape or towels required. And what if I told you this method produced beautiful and almost blemish free results. Do we have your attention now? Please watch the following video and then get to bleaching!

And please be sure to check out more from The Brothers Wright at the following links. And show them some love in the comments for sharing this technique with us.

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  1. Looker says:

    Hi is this working with the 3000 Bw film ??


  2. I am having problems with water spots after drying. Any tips or suggestions? What about a wetting agent?

  3. Andrew Bartram says:

    To clarify…. The bleach isn’t one of those thick gel bleaches but runny stuff! Not a brand we have in the UK

  4. Thanks again for all your help. The bleach process worked great. I just need to figure out how to best scan this film! If you have any tips let me know.

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