Impossible #AskTheFactory Chat Summary

Welcome to Monday! Today we thought we’d share with you a summary of the Impossible #askthefactory Twitter chat, with CTO Stephen Herchen that took place this past Friday, March 27th, 2014 from 4-6PM (CET).  We joined the live chat and feel that it was exactly what so many of you have wanted for a while – an open line of communication with Impossible, to share your feedback on the recent batches of film, B&W and Color Gen 2.0 questions, and the opportunity to let them know exactly what you wanted. We noticed that many of you who joined the chat were instant & Impossible film “veterans,” having shot their film from the start and knowing exactly what you want improved upon in the films. And here at Snap It See It, we love hearing from you guys and look up to you a whole lot!


We think that it’s not only a good product that keeps a consumer coming back to it, but great and accessible customer service. Thanks to Impossible for taking the time to answer our questions, and we hope to see more of these chats in the future.

Below, are of just some of the questions and answers that were addressed on Friday. We’ll try to summarize and paraphrase the answers as best as possible, too.

Q – @Ray_Liu: like colours and emergence times of the Gen 2.0 Color Film but is the aim to get the dev time down to 20 mins?

A –@Impossibe_HQ: our next priority is exactly that. we’d like to get the time to the finished print to 20 min or hopefully less…we actually have prototypes in the lab that are done in 15 min”

Q – @FrederickaVinz: theoretically can you use the chemistry in a peel apart film?

A –@Impossibe_HQ: yes. we would need a special peel layer to allow the positive to separate from the paste cleanly…there would be a few other things that would be needed but this layer wouldnt be to difficult. 

(As other film formats are something some are eager to see, Impossible did mention that it was lack of equipment that prohibits them from currently making film in formats such as 4×5).

Q – @iam_ina: what about giallo duochrome film, will there be more soon? and will there be other colors?

A –@Impossibe_HQyes. there will be more B&Yellow film and we have improved the formulation quite a bit since the early test film

Q – @renamorado95: wondering how you get the 2.0 color to rapidly show the image and then slow down and develop so perfect

A –@Impossibe_HQ: the fast image emergence initially is due to a new custom opacifying dye that stays more in the dev paste

Q – @MerriMayhem: i found the gen 2.0 colour still deving up to 24hrs. 4 first few hrs was a bit hazy then “cleared”

A –@Impossibe_HQ: what you are seeing is the last traces of the opacification dye clearing. we are working to speed this up

Q – @patrickjclarke: Is the contrast of the new Gen2 BW film more to do with the negative used, or the developing chemicals?

A –@Impossibe_HQ: it is both the negative as well as the developer formulation. we are working to optimize this further…we want to get more shadow and highlight details but keep the black blacks and white whites

Q – @ale2000: How about an Impossible camera??

A –@Impossibe_HQ: this is in the late stages of development and planned for launch late this year, we a re very excited about this

Q – @JoannEdmonds: Would it ever be possible to make new films w/ similar color profiles to Artistic TZ and Fade to Black films?

A –@Impossibe_HQbesides Fade to Black we have other ideas for similar dynamically changing films…technically these would be doable. it’s more a question of the level of interest vs other priority improvement…one lab prototype starts out full color and fades to a yellow/magenta bichrome over time

Q – @Jetsetter23: any plans for color 2.0 8×10? Us LF shooters would pre-order if need be to get a batch.

A –@Impossibe_HQ:  we are planning to begin development of 8×10 color in the coming months
We also learned that B+W Gen 2.0 for Spectra should be coming in a few months, followed by color. With color 600 Gen 3.0, they’ll hope to bring us faster emergence and faster times to the finished print (let’s hope so!). And, with regards to Color Gen 2.0 for the SX-70, the next step are Pioneer packs. So stay tuned, folks – besides film improvements, we will most likely be seeing an Impossible Instant Camera soon too!
To catch the entire chat, search for #askthefactory on Twitter. So, what did you think of the chat and some of what was discussed? Chime in below. And don’t forget, if you’d like to be considered for an Artist Spotlight (that usually runs on Monday’s) or want to submit a photo feature, email us,

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