Impossible Giveaway Winner

Our first giveaway has come to a close, and thanks to you guys it was much more of a success than we anticipated. We had over 350 entries in the Flickr group and trying to choose 1 amazing shot was almost impossible in itself. We want to thank each and every one of who for submitting and making it so difficult for us to pick a winner. Honestly, the talent that is showcased in the Flickr pool is unreal. We are blown away by the images you guys are creating on instant film. Such a wide range of talent from such a variety of people is exactly what we were looking for when we decided to start Snap It See It in the first place.

Now, a little note on how we picked a winner. Each one of us, Chris, Francisco and Justin, picked our top 3 entries. We would look at those entries, discuss, and then choose a winner. It just so happened that one image in particular was selected by all three of us, and two of us had placed it as our top pick. It was clear that this photo was our winner.


By Claudia Toloni

By Claudia Toloni

The winning entry was submitted by Claudia Toloni. It is a jaw dropping photo with amazing colors and the cracked emulsion only adds the image. It was taken on  PX680 Color Protection film by The Impossible Project. Find more of Claudia’s work here.

Of course, we can’t just leave it at that. Here are some of our other favorites from the flickr group, in no particular order.




Photo by 28.dans.later


Again, we want to thank everyone who entered. Please continue to add photos to the Flickr group and submit to the site. We look forward to featuring more of your beautiful work.

Chris, Francisco and Justin


  1. Congrats Claudia!
    I love her tones too! ;D

  2. Thanks so much! =)

  3. Robert Williams says:

    Definitely a great photo!

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