Impossible Instant Lab: Unboxing Video

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Last week we received an Impossible Instant Lab! We tested out the Beta Version a while back, and really loved it. Now, to have the final product and see how it all came together is just awesome. We are very impressed. This little device, that prints your iPhone images or any image that you transfer to your iPhone, has gained so much love and caused controversy all at the same time. One thing is for sure, no matter what side you stand on, this tool is so rad. To use this in a social setting with friends is just amazing. It invites conversation and excitement. Travel journals will never be the same. I love that I can use it to make instant images out of photos I’ve taken on my iPhone where my SX70 could never go or didn’t dare take it.

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We will be making a few more blog posts about this rad new tool that. This is the first, an unboxing video for you that enjoy this type of thing. We will be making more videos in the future as they are such a great way to see hands on use of our instant tools! We would love to feature your thoughts and images in our upcoming posts. So, please comment below if you would like to share some thoughts on the Instant Lab.  If you have images you would like to share, please upload them through our submit page and choose Instant lab as the gallery. Thank you so much!

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  1. Hello there 🙂

    I think that Impossible said the Instant Lab was anything but a printer. Yes, because a real printer uses cartridges or toners but here, we’re all okay it uses only glasses and a picture displayed on a phone screen. Then, it’s a camera, isn’t it?

    • I totally agree, it’s a camera. What I’m most excited about, is that it shows the future of instant film cameras. Put a finder and a shutter on it that has manual controls and you have a camera that can run any type of IP film.

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