Impossible Tutorial Tuesday: 600 Film Shooting Tips

Today, we bring you a summary of Impossible’s Tutorial Tuesday from last week. In this post we’ll outline the tips and photos Impossible shared over on their Twitter page during the chat. Some tips have been covered in previous Tutorial Tuesday’s but with the help of these tips, hopefully you’ll have more “keepers” in your pack of 8.


Nicola Phillips | @NicPhilf

600 Film Shooting Tips

When shooting a 600 camera in bright natural light, no flash required. Always use a flash indoors.


The 600 is a great first instant camera as it’s lightweight and easy to use.

Zooey Magazine

Zooey Magazine

Everything you need to know about the Polaroid 600, including manuals here.

Learn how to install a frog tongue on your Polaroid 600 camera.


Polaroid 600 film has an ISO of 640, which makes it the best film for shooting at dusk



Did you know you can shoot 600-type film in your SX-70 using an ND filter? Find out how here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 17.42.03

Learn how to adjust the slider on your 600 camera according to the light here.


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The ASA is a bit higher than the original film and therefor, it is important to put the settings in the following:

Bright Sunlight:

Polaroid 600 – slide to 1/4 in the dark

Normal Daylight:

Polaroid 600 – keep the settings in the middle

Shadow in Daylight:

Polaroid 600 – slide 1/4 to light

Thanks for checking in with us for Impossible Tutorial Tuesday! Next week, SX-70 film shooting tips!




  1. Thank you so much for using my image of Sun 660. Can you please credit it to me and my Etsy shop ? I also post more from Polaroid collection on one of my Instagram accounts, @WilliamChas. Also, do you have info on tearing down my SX-70 to clean the light sensor?

    • Hi! Will definitely get that photo credited and linked. Haven’t seen a complete tear down doc of the SX-70 in some time – know we’ve found manuals on the web in the past, so if we come across them again, we’ll send a link over!

  2. Hi!
    it is not well clear to me what you mean by 1/4 in the dark/light
    it is for the right of left
    and whether that means 1/4 from the midale or from the end…
    thanks’ 🙂

    • The wheel that controls exposure is usually black on one side and white on the other. Some models have markings on them, so 1 mark past center would be a 1/4.

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