Impossible Tutorial Tuesday: How To Get The Most Out Of Impossible Film

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today we give you another Impossible Tutorial Tuesday recap. If you haven’t check out Impossible Tutorial Tuesday yet, you can don Week 1, 2 and 3 summaries right here on our blog. If you’re new to Impossible Film, please spend a few minutes checking out the blog posts. For more information, follow Impossible on Twitter.

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday topic: How To Get The Most Out Of Impossible Film.


Clean your camera rollers! If they are dirty, the chemistry won’t be spread correctly. Click on any of the photos below to be linked to more information on how to get the most out of Impossible film.


Adjust the slider! Impossible films are light-sensitive, so adjusting the exposure wheel/slider will help get you the best photos. Learn how to adjust your camera settings accordingly by clicking on photo below.


Shooting a selfie in a mirror won’t be very effective with the flash! It makes for some cool effects, if it’s what you’re going for, but if not, taking time to learn how to use the flash helps get the photo results you want. Most Polaroid camera flashes only have an effective range of 1-2.5 m (3.3-8.2 ft), so keep that in mind when shooting your subject.  Too close, and your photo will be overexposed.  Too far, and your photo will be underexposed.

mirror selfies

Start thinking about temperature: between 13–28°C (55-82° F) to be exact! This has been covered in past Tutorial Tuesdays, but it’s always a great reminder.


Remember that correct storage of developed photos is important too! Keep photos shielded and in medium temperature.


Coming up next week on #TutorialTuesday: 600 Film Shooting Tips!

photo by @funkshionfw

photo by @funkshionfw


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