Impossible Tutorial Tuesday Recap: What’s Inside Impossible Film?

Earlier this week we talked a little about Impossible Magazine, how you could subscribe and join a community of talented photographers and artists while staying up to date on the latest Impossible news.

Today, we bring you a recap of a new initiative brought to you by our friends at Impossible, Tutorial Tuesday. Every Tuesday, you will be able to follow along on Tutorial Tuesday on Twitter – or if you are not able to “attend” the live twitter chat throughout the day, we’ll host a recap here on Wednesdays with links to some great content. If you’re new to instant film, especially Impossible film, definitely follow along as there will be some useful information coming!

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday topic: What’s Inside Impossible Film?

So, what’s inside an Impossible Film box? Click on the photos below to be linked to more information.


Instant film is all about chemistry! Components, film emulsion and assembly happens at one of the two factories in Monheim, Germany and Enschede, The Netherlands.

Learn more about what happens scientifically every time you press that shutter button on your Polaroid!

Impossible from Mercedes-Benz on Vimeo.

What happens when I insert an Impossible Film in my camera?


Once you insert that pack of film, the darkslide will be ejected. Now the film is positioned and ready for film exposure. Click on the photo above for more information. Understanding how the film chemistry works will help take better photos.

The current generation of Black & White film develops fully in less than 10 minutes and Color in about 40 minutes. However, those of you who have tried Gen 3.0 of Impossible Color 600 have seen development in about 15-20 minutes (yes, it’s true!!!).


Why are Impossible films different than other Polaroid films?


This is always a fun question to get into when a stranger walks up to you, and looking at your camera, asks, “They still make film for that!?” It’s fun because it gives us a chance to geek out just a little on Polaroid history. In 2008, Impossible purchased the Polaroid® factory in Enschede, The Netherlands. Because the components used by Polaroid® were no longer usable, the formula had to be re-invented.

Why are there only 8 photos in an Impossible film pack?

We’ve seen this question debated over a few times on social media, but the answer, however, goes back to the science. Since the formula for the film had to be reinvented, components, such as the frame, chemistry and pods are thicker than the old Polaroid® ones. No longer do 10 photos fit in the cassette and the size of that cassette cannot change because it’s made to fit every Polaroid® cameras.

Black and White your favorite film stock? Learn more about it here.


The latest generation of black and white films have such great tones, the contrast is rich and the output is sharp. Not only that, but the photo emerges almost instantly (about 20 seconds), you have a fully developed photo within minutes and it does not need to be shielded!

Prefer to shoot color? Read the last update from CTO Stephen Herchen by clicking on the photo below.


Those of you that are testing out the latest generation of Color 600 film, know that development times have been cut in half and colors look rich and sharp. We are excited about the future of this film and look forward to future Tutorial Tuesdays!

Next week’s Tutorial Tuesday: How To Handle Your Impossible Film. Stay tuned…







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