Impossible Tutorial Tuesday: Why & How To Shield Your Impossible Photos

We really hope you’ve enjoyed Impossible’s latest initiative, Tutorial Tuesday. If you’re new to shooting Impossible Film, then hopefully this weekly feature has been informative, explaining how the film and chemistry works, answered some of your questions and helped you take even better instant photos. If you have a Tutorial Tuesday suggestion or comment, let us know, or you can easily find Impossible on Twitter and chat with them there.

If you would like to be considered for an Artist Spotlight or have a series of photos you’d like featured, please contact us, We love putting people in the spotlight! And now, this week’s Tutorial Tuesday: Why & How To Shield Your Impossible Photos.

Instant film is light-sensitive! Covering, or shielding your photo, as soon as it leaves the camera is key!


How can you protect your photo as it leaves the camera? You can add a frog tongue to shield your photo from the light. Click on the photo to be linked to Impossible’s Support page where you’ll find  how-to install the frog tongue.


If you are thinking about adding a frog tongue to your Polaroid camera, check out how to use it in the video below (by PolaWalk).

You can pick up a frog tongue for different type of Polaroid cameras directly from the online Impossible store, here.

If you don’t have a frog tongue, no worries – you can just as easily use the film pack carton as a shielding device, or the darkslide. Personally, I quickly flip over the photo after it’s ejected under the camera and then slide it into the film pack carton. If it’s a bit colder out, I might slide the dark slide over it and put it in a pocket.

For best results, hide your photos from light for the first 5 minutes. You can place them face down, if you can, or another method we use, slide them in a book (or we like to put them in our Field Notes Brand notebooks).

We look forward to next week’s Tutorial Tuesday: How to get the most of our film and make great photos | positive & negative.

Tune in then!


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