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We hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Summer is trying to escape and things are changing. We cant wait for those low 80 days to walk around shooting instant film without fear of heat. We have a small write up by Francisco Chavira on a instant photo walk he took with Fabian Carlos and a few new techniques!

A few weeks ago I met up with a great friend of mine Fabian Carlos. Who was also a part of our 600 on a 600 project. We took the day off to head out, to enjoy the outdoors and location scout. The days just get out and enjoy the day shooting with no pressure is such a change for me. It is incredibly relaxing and artistically invigorating. I found some great new inspiring places I cannot wait to take a model to, and used Fabian as a stand in.

I also wanted to share some results I am in love with. A while ago I was chatting with George Weiss the III (I insist on always pronouncing his full name). We were chatting about this awesome double exposure method that involved exposing the sky for your first exposure then, your regular exposure. The result is a slightly faded, blue film/669 reminiscent looking images. Just testing this out was a small breakthrough for me. Of course I have double exposed many times but I never thought about exposing for colors. I can imagine exposing colored paper, blue sky or anything! The possibilities are endless! I really enjoyed trying this out and seeing where I can take it. I would love to know what kind of textures or colors you have tried out. Link me in the comment section!

photo (3)
I was also gifted a peel apart drying box by Justin Goode at The Instant Film Society. Man, what a wonderful addition that is to my set up. I couldn’t be more exited to be using this. Its a small cardboard box with 4 springs that hold your prints in between the coils. It helps dry, protect  prints on the go and lets you peel the prints as they develop. Not peeling the prints, is an effective method but depending on the weather it could fail. Such an ingenious idea that results in a perfect way to store your wet prints. Instead of my usual technique of spreading the prints along the backseat of my car.


  1. Such a great batch of photos. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Amazing series of pics!

  3. I did a quick search on the site for double exposure and glad I found this! These images are lovely! Really inspired to go on an “instant walk.” Too bad it’s freezing cold here in NJ. Inspired though, so I’ll take that at least.

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