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Fujifilm…such evil yet such goodness all at once.  They recently announced an “update” to their super popular Instax wide line. I say update in quotation marks because it can hardly be called that. It is more of a redesign then anything. We completely feel that Fuji is just torturing us at this point. Not only did they fail to provide us with a camera that has features that would excite us but they also maintained a pretty lame design that makes for a bulky lens and a terribly placed viewfinder.


Given, it does look far better then their previous camera that looks like some sort of deep sea submarine. The biggest issue is that Fuji fails to see their Instax line as a real artistic medium, rather they see it as an attraction to teenagers and capturing everyday memories. We know this because of the words, their marketing campaigns contain, words like “precious memories” “easy to use functions” and “suited for photography at parties.” That is the real problem and until they see this film as a real artistic medium they won’t make camera that functions for that purpose. Although we had high hopes for this camera when they made a decent camera, the great Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. Which the Instax 300 is undoubtedly inspired by, yet fails to deliver even half the features that the Mini 90 does.


I guess it is worth mentioning that this camera does have a couple features, like a tripod socket, included close up lens, two zone focus settings, and exposure times from 1/64 to 1/200 and a lighten/darken feature for flash and exposure. However, that is really it. We totally expected at least a double exposure feature or at least a bulb mode and in our wildest dreams a real focusing camera. The camera retails for $129.99, is available for preorder and will ship on Monday, March 23,2015. Which is a great price but also means that we get nothing more then a redesigned camera. Fuji you totally failed and I only feel bad that we got our hopes up, thinking that you would make a decent camera with how insanely popular your Instax line is. Once again you prove to us how little you think of the instant film community, we know this by this super cheesy ad created to market the Instax Wide 300. *Face palm, SMH*…. You can continue to disappointed by checking out their official Instax Wide 300 website, that uses fake Instax wide photos as examples.


Ya right like we can depth of field like that with this camera. We see you Fuji…


You ain’t fooling now one with this fake wedding photo



  1. Tim Massie says:

    Just listen to the music and you instantly know they have no thought into seeing this as a real medium for artists. It sounds like “Barney and Friends.” They should just say “made for your inner kid who doesn’t know how to take a photo.”
    Very disappointing.

  2. So I just read the review on the new Fuji instax wide, where as I agree with what Francisco is saying, I think some people are missing the point of this camera. If you want clarity and different aperture settings and multiple functions then why not pick up a film camera that can accommodate those things? The original purpose of a Polaroid instant film camera was to provide the consumer a quick snapshot without intervention of the photographer. Instant film will never have a quality of conventional film. Does that mean you shouldn’t love it? No not at all. We use instant photography as a way to achieve a look and effect that we can’t get with our regular cameras. I would love to see instant photography grow but I refuse to demand that the camera makers change the camera so it can look more like traditional film photography. Improvements are always nice but I want my film to stay nostalgic. When things become too modern we lose our history. We lose what drew us in to begin with. My 2 cents. Love the blog & great review over all.

    • Cindy,
      If that were the case, why do people clammer for old polaroid peel-apart films (ie: 4×5 film stocks, 665, Type 55, etc.) and new film possibilities (ie: New55). Heck, many people like using Fuji FP-100c for the negative (making it more like traditional film photography). I, personally, love using my all-manual instant film camera so that I get the traditional look, instantly.
      I mean, why make another traditional film product (using photochemistry on light-sensitive material) if you are not interested in what film photographers want? Why not just make a camera with a printer as other companies have done?

      • I see your point trust me on that, but not all film photographers want that…. I love having the ability to use manual settings on my cameras. I mean isn’t that the reason why I love photography? Isn’t that why I made this my profession: to manipulate & master the craft I hold so dear to my heart-to create images by bending light to wrap my subjects on this both time & light sensitive paper. With all those realities I still feel Fuji isn’t going to ever deliver what I need from a traditional film camera. Point blank. I don’t need an Fuji instax wide camera to give me manual settings to love it and create with it. I need it to stay the same. Why? Causes I don’t look at it like a photographer. I look at those 60 second developing images as an historian and with eyes of innocence. It’s faithful in that sense. I prefer to leave the technical side out when working with instax. It’s merely a record taker for the days events. Everything it says it will do, it does. Land once said: “We can be dramatic, even theatrical; we can be persuasive; but the message we are telling must be true.” Well ironically for me that’s how I want my Fuji pictures to work. By telling the truth the best way it knows how. Snap it and see it, that’s how I like this particular camera.

        • Cindy,
          I apologize if I seemed snippy before. I just am on a frustrated kick with Fuji, despite trying to be super positive ( The Instax does what it says it should do, no doubt. I am just looking to get a little more love for the professional who wants control over the image. That’s all. Control.

          I suppose some of my angst stems from feeling like Fuji does not give film enough credit for it’s use by current professionals, and so their instant film strategies just get my goat.

          • Hahaha it’s ok didn’t even notice the angst. I’m Latin so we all talk like that normally lol I appreciate where you are coming from. I too love to see respect but I personally want it from the people who made instant photography a hit. Polaroid. I do love impossible though. It’s just their price point kinda hurts. No worries though! I’m right there with ya

  3. Amazing Fujifilm, you have produced a camera in 2014 has less features than the one you produced in 1999!

    Read my detailed review here …

    Come on Fujifilm, Instax Wide is as good a medium as the old Polaroid 600 film, possibly better. Why don’t you produce a serious camera so the Instant Film Community can utilise your film properly?

    • I read your article, Cheyenne. It was that article that prompted me to buy a Fujifilm 500AF Wide from a guy in Japan. Only took 2 days to get here….that HAS to be some kind of record! Ordered on Tuesday and it was at my house on Thursday!!!

      I see their colors being more true to life than the Spectra film I have, more like the Fujifilm FP100-C I shoot in my Polaroid 450. Now there is a camera with several nice features, such as different apertures, and an ability to plug into the side flash mount and set the shutter to one speed, fast enough to prevent blur. Important? Yes, it allows you to shoot an “auto” flash that meters just the light amount of light for an aperture of f8.8.

      What Fuji COULD do is make an wide format camera, autofocus (like the 500AF) with 3 different apertures for close, mid and far depth of field, with adjustable shutter speeds to complement. With an ISO of 800 that seems very do-able. Next they would have a slot for a micro SD card and an LCD screen on the back to preview the just taken photo. Someone had their eyes shut, just delete and do again. Everything just right, hit print and out comes the instant picture. A HYBRID camera, that allows saving of pictures in jpeg format but also allows one to just print or continue with the instant picture development. Jpeg would allow online uploading, or even the option of printing larger with photo printers a very special picture without all the fuss of scanning. Think of it! Here is a dual camera that gives autofocus capabilities, and can save your pictures to jpg without all the full and bother PLUS if you have taken a picture on you smart phone or digital camera but don’t have a photo printer and want to save it to a real picture, just put the card in the Fujifilm camera, choose the picture and hit “Print” and out pops the new instant picture and in a few minutes you have a picture to send to Grandma, Uncle or Aunt, or save for your scrapbook album.

      Simple controls for the scrapbook person, shoot, print save.
      Simple controls for social media, shoot, save to the web, and or print for later on.
      Simply the best of both worlds.

  4. I see you guys coming down hard on Fuji more than you do the impossible project, I still can’t believe they charge so much for a pack of 8, what stops them from including a mere two extra picture cards. Weren’t the cameras designed to accommodate 10, why short change is with 8. If you’re going to criticise Fuji extensively, why not the impossible project folks. Yes I know they’re trying hard but surely by now we should be getting 10 and not 8

    • There are products that fuji makes that we love and have praised. There are also things that fuji has done/ is doing, that frustrate the hell out of us. Why we do love the instax format, we truly feel this camera was nothing more than an attempt to put lipstick on a pig. No real improvement was made to a camera that could be a flagship for them.
      As far as impossible goes, we have had the opportunity to talk with them numerous times about there film. You are correct that the cameras were designed to hold 10 images of Polaroid film. Right now, because of the materials needed to make the film, it is impossible to fit 10 shots in the pack. Remember, Impossible did not make the cameras, they are just trying to make us a film to use with them. Thats another reason we stand behind Impossible. They are making film and they are trying with each batch to improve the product. Polaroid made film for 40 plus years impossible has made it 4. And contrary to what people think, they did not walk into a factory, turn on the lights and machines and have film. They had to start over, reverse engineer the original products, find new materials to make the film. They are a work in progress.
      Fuji, has no respect for the film community. They continue to discontinue film stocks and ignore customers request to keep producing them. It’s business, we get it. There are things that fuji has done to show their complete lack of interest in the pack film market, it is our prediction that soon, there will only be the instax medium. That said, give us a professional camera for the film and we will praise them if it is deserved.

    • It is their battery pack. Polaroid had a thinner battery, but didn’t go overboard on life span. With the thicker Impossible Project battery there is not enough room for 2 more.

  5. Hi all,

    Late on this one. Only just seen this article (I really need to get out into the interweb more 🙂 ).

    My two pennies worth. I have the 90. LUUUUUV it. Outstanding fun.
    I will be buying a 300 (as soon as it is sold down my way) and will then be shooting away and experimenting to see how far I can push it, or not, as my mood takes me.
    It may be veeeery basic but that is 95% the fun of seeing what can be achieved.
    The advert sucks, can’t disagree there, but then I don’t need a slick advert to sell me something. I’ll leave that for those who need slick advertising to convince them they need that product (whatever it is being pitched).
    P.S. My other camera is not a Leica just in case you were expecting that statement to come next as a corny punch line.
    P.P.S. Interesting site. Like the articles. Glad I, belatedly, stumbled into it. “Sigh! Such is it for non hipsters, always late to the party. Or, should I be an anti- hipster. You know? Like anti-matter. Waffling now. Time for tea. Come Kitty, time for lunch.”


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