Jen Golay: 70’s Inspired Senior Shoot

One thing we have tried to do on the blog is introduce people to artist they may not have found on their own. Each week we have our Artist Spotlight, but we have also like to find people through social media and spotlight their work. The #snapitseeit hashtag has really started to catch on, and thats how we came across a shot by Jen Golay on Instagram.  Please keep submitting your shoots to the blog and PLEASE keep tagging us in your post. We Love this community!

Now, on to todays post. Like I said, Jen had posted a shot on IG and tagged us in it. I really loved the feel to the shot and contacted her. Come to find out, she had more from the shoot to share.

From Jen:

I’m really new to instant film, but I absolutely LOVE it.  I almost have to shoot at least one frame a day.  So doing two packs of Fuji and one pack of Impossible Project film was an instant film high for me.  🙂

This entire shoot was a personal project for me.  I wanted to get better at focusing my Contax, and I wanted another opportunity to shoot with a Rolleiflex that a friend loaned me for the summer.  I also wanted to just have a chance to enjoy shooting film and processing it myself–at least the black and white.  I’ve photographed enough teens to know that being able to show them that they look good, boosts their confidence, so I brought my instant cameras.  Plus I just love to shoot with them.  The idea behind the shoot was a little retro–1970’s summertime–so I thought that the look of the instant film would fit right in.  I brought my SX-70 and a pack of Impossible Project Color Protection film, my Polaroid 180 and a pack of FP100c and FP3000b.  The girls really loved the instant film–not only the look, but the whole idea of it.  Instagram in real life!

The thing I am really loving about instant film is that it’s a gamble every time I push the red button.  And maybe I only find it unpredictable because I’m so new to it; I’ve only had these cameras for about two months.  With a little research and some practice and advice from friends, I am finding ways to improve my odds.  We had a few SNAFUs during this shoot.  I’ve even included a couple.  I unintentionally overexposed two of the black and white images (59 & 62), but I still like them.  I think that the overexposure adds to the look of vulnerability.  And one image (62) somehow didn’t get completely sandwiched together when it went through the rollers.  Some of the goop piled up on the side.  I still liked the image, so I just cropped off the blank side.  Focusing (are you noticing a theme here?) is a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially when I use the portrait filter and goggles on the 180, so this was a good chance to practice that, too.

I’m really pretty happy with these images because I wanted good exposures as well as more dramatic light than I’ve attempted with instant film in the past.


You can find more of Jen’s work at the following links.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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  2. […] was thrilled to have my instant film images featured on the Snap It See It blog earlier this month.  Check it out to learn more about how I created these […]

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