Long Weekend: Bruce Breuer

Todays post is a collection of images we received from Bruce Breuer of Kearny, NJ. Bruce has been shooting instant film for about a year now and although these shots don’t show it, he has recently started doing manipulations. We hope to get a series of those from him sometime soon! The following shots were taken on a long weekend with his girlfriend in Allentown, NJ. Shot on two cameras, an SX-70 Sonar and a Land Camera 340, these images capture his time away perfectly.

Thanks for sending these in Bruce!


“I love the wide open outdoors, nature and animals, october, anything that has to do with horror, and halloween. This set of shots were taken with a polaroid Sx-70 sonar and a polaroid automatic land camera 340, i was off work for 4 days in a row so my girlfriend had asked me to go up to Allentown, NJ to her aunts house for 3 days to get away and unplug. Plus, it was harvest fest so i was all in. The pumpkin patch photo and the photo with the cornfield to the left were defiantly inspired by my love for october ( they were taken on a farm, i had just finished the corn maze they had there and had picked my pumpkin from the patch, it was my first non-scary hayride too so I’ll now remember that forever hah). When i shot the one of the dog i wanted to capture a feeling from the pup, a sense of anticipation and loyalty.. she was waiting by the door the whole time her owner was out. The close up of the duck was also to give the viewer a sense of comfort between the photographer (me) and the animal (the duck) because the usual is the ducks get scared and all run away especially if you don’t have food, which in this case.. i didn’t. It was the only black duck by the lake.. there had to be a dozen around me and the black one didn’t run away but actually got close to me and sort of posed aha.
The rest of my shots were mostly of the lake in Allentown because it was right outside of the house i was staying and i really wanted to capture being unplugged and exploring new terrain, especially because i live in a part of jersey that has absolutely nothing “out-doorsy” about it. Also the shots of the water were taken through out the three days i was there, one actually catching the moon! All from different directions and times of day and weather but still catching the beauty.. to the towns people its nothing.. another mans trash is another mans treasure.
Film used: Px70 Color protection, FP-100c”


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