Mark Sperry: New Orleans

When fellow film shooter Mark Sperry started posting shots from his recent trip to New Orleans on Facebook, I knew we had to have them for the blog. When I talked to mark about the trip, I asked if he could sum it up and give us some insight on his choice to shoot instant film.

Two, yes two, medium format cameras, a 35mm camera, and a digital camera were in my bag. As if I didn’t have enough cameras, I decided to also bring along a newly acquired Polaroid SX-70 Alpha. I quickly discovered that I really could have left most of my other equipment at home, because it was pretty much all I wanted to use. New Orleans is a very colorful, and very old city. It’s a place so varied and diverse that the details make up the whole. This is mostly what I focused on.

The SX-70 was perfect as a travelers camera. The film I used was Impossible Project’s PX70 Color Protection. It’s a beautiful film for rending people and capturing interesting light patterns. While it is as advertised fully light safe once ejected from the camera, I did notice significant color shifting towards the warmer spectrum if the image isn’t still shielded once ejected. I ended up just covering it with my hand and quickly throwing each photograph in my camera bag. To scan the images, I used the Impossible Projects scan adapter on my Epson V700, which holds the photographs just off the glass, to avoid newton rings.

We love the shots he got and think you will too! Check out more of Mark’s work here.


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