Matthew Day: North Carolina Mountains

This weeks reader submission comes to us from Matthew Day of Chillicothe, OH. You may not know it, but I’m a resident of North Carolina. When I found out that Matt was going to be in my state and have his SX-70 with him, I asked for these shots before the first one was even taken.

The area that Matt was traveling to was Boone, NC. A beautiful town atop the Appalachian Mountains, Boone is home of Appalachian State University and some of the best mountain views east of the Mississippi. Having been to Boone several times myself, I was anxious to see it from another persons eyes and through the magic of instant film.

Here is what Matt had to say:

“The following photos are just a handful of the images I shot while on a trip with 3 of my best friends down in Boone, North Carolina. I had never been to Boone before, but knew we were staying in a house up in the mountains, so I was excited from the start. I brought 6 of my favorites cameras and tons of film for each camera, but the camera I used the most was my Polaroid SX-70. I shot 5 packs of Impossible Project PX-70 Color Protection in just the 3 days we were there. As much as I love developing all of my film from home, it’s so nice to document an entire day with just an instant camera. The new PX-70 has it’s own look that you can’t replicate. It’s become one of my favorite film stocks I’ve ever shot and paired with my SX-70, I can’t be happier to shoot. Hope you guys enjoy these photos from my trip! Can’t wait until the next trip down there”.



You can find more of Matt’s work and follow him online at the following links.

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  1. Great shots! I really love the variations of color achieved throughout the set as well as the play between subjects in nature, it made me want to visit NC now!

  2. I adore these!

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