Mint SLR670M Camera Review

Where do I begin? By saying that this is my favorite instant camera in the world or that I wish it did two more things? Let me start by saying this. The SLR670M is truly my favorite integral camera ever made and I can’t believe we have lived without it for this long.

So, what makes this camera so special and why all the fuss? Read on to find out!


Let me begin by talking about the Mint SLR670, a camera that was designed and manufactured by Mint that is compatible with both SX70 film and 600 film. This is super rad stuff, the stuff of geniuses, the appearance of an SX70 and body of an SLR680. And if that wasn’t enough, the smarty pants over at Mint began working on something else, something even better.


We then saw the launch of the SLR670M a camera with the coolness of the SLR670 but way better and all new insides. Mint replaced the mother board of the camera to work with an all new accessory that is only compatible with the SLR670M. Let me repeat that. ONLY compatible with the SLR670M, not with any regular SX70 because for the accessory to work, the mother board of the camera must be replaced to work with the Mint Time Machine accessory.


The Mint Time Machine 

This tiny device is the real brains of this whole thing. Once connected to the camera via the flash port it turns the camera into a fully manual camera. That is the real magic and total game changer. I couldn’t even believe this was a real thing when it was announced. I mean c’mon! A fully manual SX70?! That is the camera of my dreams! Once in the port, it gives you a couple options. First it makes the cameras aperture stay at f/8 no matter what, which is in fact the widest SX70 cameras can go. Then it gives the options of 1/2000th which is faster then any SX70, as Mint says, “The fastest instant camera on the planet!”  Then 1/1000, 1/500, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1s, B, T, Auto, and Off. Bulb of course being the standard bulb mode and T not standing for timer. In fact T is for extra long exposures, where you press the button once and the shutter stays open, then you press the shutter again to close it. Auto is for when you are feeling lazy and want in Auto Exposure but who would want that when you have all the power in the world at your finger tips. However, I should mention that Mint does replace the electric eye of all their cameras. As SX70 age their eyes also get foggy and age. Which can lead to failed AUTO exposures, never will that happen with these refurbished beauties. Off, is also rad when sharing you camera with friends and they accidentally press the shutter release and waste precious film! This will avoid that horrible mistake and save a few sheets of film.


My Thoughts and A Few Comments

I was constantly asked by my fellow instant film buddies if I really did think that this was the camera to own. I couldn’t stop answering with a definitive YES! It isn’t a cheap camera for sure, priced at $580 US dollars. However, for it being a completely manual camera and the camera of every ones dreams, I really do feel that is a fair price. They gave it the power of professional cameras, so it should be priced as a professional camera. Serious instant film shooters, rejoice and save your money, you wont regret it.

It is hard for me to not write anything other then, OMG I love this camera and everyone needs one. I am dead serious, I can’t tell you how many times I have chatted with friends, how we wish the good Doctor Edwin Land would have made a professional grade manual Instant camera along side his magical SX70. This is that camera and I can’t stop raving about it.

In a perfect world I would have a herd of Unicorns in my backyard and have the looks of Ryan Gosling with the soccer skills of Messi. Of course we don’t live in that world. SO, if I had to add two things to this awesome camera, I would definitely have the ability to do double exposures and a self timer. Those two things would truly make this camera the PERFECT ULTIMATE UNICORN SX70.

One other thing I have noticed is complaints about faulty cameras that are getting to the hands of customers. These cameras are hand made and a little bit of error is to be expected. However rest assured my instant friends that Mint is totally reliable and will replace faulty cameras right away. If that isn’t enough, each Mint camera comes with an extendable 3 year warranty for free, free technical support, checking process, and free repair service. They have you covered and my friends that had some issues informed me that they were well taken care off.

If you don’t believe me!

We are so in love with this camera that we are going to do a few more posts! We are going to have a couple photographers test it and tell us what their personal experience has been! Just in case you think I am being biased, although it is really all the hype. ;] So stay tuned for more info on this marvelous creation and more reasons why to covet the Mint SLR670M


  1. I really want this, but can’t seem to justify spending $500+ on an instant camera. Am I crazy?

    • People spend that much on pack film cameras all the time. I dont think it’s crazy if you use it to do what you love.

    • YUP! Not crazy at all especially if you are someone like me who shoot an integral camera every week and has dreamed of something like this for a long time. Also I really think that this saves money on wasted images.

  2. I have had mine for a little more than a week and love it, so far. Still getting used to matching the speeds with my iPhone meter but can’t complain about the results.

    Interesting note: When I showed it to my Dad, who was a photo engineer at Polaroid from the 60s to the 80s, he said they tested something like this (manual exposure settings) while he was there.

    I plan to follow up on why it never happened when I get more time with him.

  3. I’m interested in the camera. Wish there was a place renting out loaners so I could try before investing! Great write up guys!

  4. Wow, seems I was traveling when a lot of this hype was building up last year! Bummed to have only just now learned about this camera when the price has gone up a bit, but as someone who switched to an SLR680 after some disappointing run-ins with my SX70, I’m more than a little interested — thanks again guys for this review!

  5. great review! any videos showing how the camera works?

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