MiNT TL70 Updates

Today we thought we’d bring you an update on MiNT’s TL70 camera. At time of pre-order, early-bird pre-orders and pre-orders were expected for July/August.  Even though it looks like that time line is pushed back, MiNT has provided a few updates from the factory floor to show us what is happening behind the scenes. We pre-ordered a camera and eagerly await it. Holding and shooting with a TLR is a fun experience and we have been wanting to fully tap into the potential of Instax film by using a camera that gives us more control. We’re excited to get our hands on one, but it won’t happen quite yet (Jessica from The Instant Photo Show has a pretty good rule of thumb – double your expectation time!). The information below is from the newsletters MiNT has been providing via email.

To prepare us for the future arrival of our TL70, MiNT provided a Quick Users Guide so we can start shooting as soon as we tear apart the packaging:


Back in July, MiNT was making sure to test lenses, film processing unit, circuit boards, shutter and all plastic and chrome plated parts. It’s nice to see such care going into the production of this camera, and MiNT is determined to make the camera that gets shipped out to you, better than the prototype.  Earlier this week, they announced a few upgrades to make sure they were sticking to that goal.

Upgrades to the TL70 now include:

New light sensor. Photo current responses to a wider dynamic range of 3 lux to 70000 lux. The previous version was 10 lux to 55000 lux only. The wider range will cover more lighting conditions and provide more accurate readings. Because of the better light sensor, the exposure will be much more accurate.

Upgraded surface finish. We added a two-layer silver painting and varnishing to make it look and feel more like the kind of chrome on an SX-70 Alpha 1. Better yet, the surface is covered by matt and frosted coating. lt feels ever better than the glossy handle.

In the next newsletter, MiNT will finally (hopefully) provide a timeline for shipping. In the meantime, we wish MiNT the best and are excited to see and use the TL70 very soon!



  1. I’m definitely tempted by this now 🙂

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